Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bout of Books Update Day 6

Bout of Books Update

I'm making a early head start my goal for today is to finish my current and finish another book today. 
I'm about half way through my current so many a couple more hours. Plus review the book. 

Finished Passenger 
Read a little more of Claymore Vol 17


Reading today
Not sure yet. I'll update when I decide

Finished so far

The Truth Spell by Anita Oh - Review
Leveled by Jay Crownover - Review
Alternate by Marilyn Almodovar - Review
Claymore 15 by Norihiro Yagi - Review
Claymore 16 by Norihiro Yagi - Review
Passenger by Alexandra Bracken - Review to come writing it. 

Off to do some reading I'll update later. 

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  1. You are doing awesome! Hope you have a good reading day today!