Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Re-cap 2015

December Re-cap 2015
What happened in November @ TRD

With all the holiday busy it's been hard to sit down and read. However 20 minutes to read a manga seemed to work out perfectly. 

Read in December 
A lot of manga this month my new addiction. 
Pixie Tamer - Review to come
Ardent - Review to come
Claymore Vol 12 - Review to come
Claymore Vol 11 - Review
Claymore Vol 10 - Review
Claymore Vol 9 - Review
Claymore Vol 8 - Review
Claymore Vol 7 - Review
Claymore Vol 6 - Review
Claymore Vol 5 - Review
Claymore Vol 4 - Review
Claymore Vol 3 - Review
Claymore Vol 2 - Review
Claymore Vol 1 - Review
Nuts - Review
Inferno of the Undead - Review
Avalanche of the Undead - Review
Soar - Review
Attack on Titan Vol 14 - Review
Attack on Titan Vol 13 - Review
Replica - Review

January Goals
Well I have a bunch of new stuff coming out but you'll have to wait till next year. 
Lots of fun new posts in the works. 
25 books is the current reading goal.
I've decided to make blogging more fun it's felt a little like a chore the last few months. I think the holidays have just beaten me down. 
More active with visiting other blogs and commenting. I've been slacking.  

Follow Me (Here)
Still a instagram addict. It's been a great outlet for me. 
Stop by say hi and don't forget to follow me =D

January TBR is huge 

Due to the holidays I didn't get as many read so I have a lot of carry overs but I'm hopeful. A few are missing but that's most of them. 

Do you have any new plans for the new year?

Have a great month!!!!

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