Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Book Review: Avalanche of the Undead

Title - Avalanche of the Undead
Author - Laura A. Hansen
Series - Zombies in Paradise #2
Genre - Zombie Horror YA
Published - October 31st 2013
Format - Kindle Review Copy


Mountains, snowboarding, parties, skibunnies-it should be a winter paradise for sixteen-year old Charlie and his younger brother Jack. But the temperature plummets on their fun when the undead climb the slopes. A zombie, an avalanche, and the law chase Charlie, while the outgoing Jack leads new friends Maddie and Christian down the slopes and through town as it swarms with the ravenous undead. When the brothers join forces against the zombies to rescue their parents, they learn how much stronger they are together.
With horror, humor and romance, Book Two in the Zombies in Paradise series offers nonstop action designed to thrill teens. 

I received Avalanche of the Undead in return for an honest review from the author.  Avalanche of the Undead continues not long after the end of the first book in the series. Charlie and his younger brother Jack saved a cruise ship from zombies that threatened to overtake it. Now they are flying together high above the ground when another zombie pops up forcing their plane to crash-land in a snowy mount resort area. Their dad is taken off to the hospital and the airline has put them up in town with debit cards to enjoy the ski town till he’s all better.

Stuck in snow heaven the boys should be having the time of their lives after the cruise nightmare. However Charlie is sure that the zombies are still around, and determined to stop them before they take over the town. However things don’t go as he planned and soon zombies are turning up on the ski slopes. As if that’s not enough an avalanche has them trapped and the police are after Charlie. Will Charlie and Jack be able to save the town this time before the zombies catch them.

I like Charlie and Jack they aren’t your typical zombie slayers but they handle the job well. Befriending new allies in the battle against the zombies that are once again hunting them. Maddie and Christian seemed to handle and accept the zombies much better than I would have. I kind of feel sorry for these guys having to deal with zombies again so soon. It can’t be easy but I know if they hadn’t been there the town would have been overrun so they had to be there to save the day.

I’ve had this one sitting on my kindle for a while recently I haven’t been in a zombie craving however by the end of the first chapter I was hooked. I really enjoy a series that has the same characters because it makes them easy to connect with since I already know them. In this book we are in a mountain town locked in by an avalanche and an ever growing zombie attack looming in the shadows. Thankfully this isn’t Charlies and Jacks first zombie encounter so they know what to do taking it into their own hands. Avalanche of the Undead is a fast paced story that was hard to put down I ended up reading it in a few short hours while my kids were in school. I love a good scary zombie story while this one is scary it also has just enough humor to break up the scary. I highly enjoyed this installment and look forward to starting the next one. 

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