Sunday, August 2, 2015

Write On: August Blogging Prompts Day 2

Write On: August Blogging Prompts Challenge
The creator is Hello Neverland she has a writing prompt for each month. 

Today's Prompt 
Must have office supplies. How about must have bookish supplies =D

My must have bookish supplies are:
Water it a must and never out of reach. I also almost always have coffee or an energy drink close at hand to stay up late reading. I also like everyone love a little chocolate now and then.

I have to have my planner, notebook and journal with color pens or I’m lost. I need my TBR jar currently my bingo so it’s a must have.

Last but not least is my books that I’m currently reading as well as my kindles. Yes I have three a kindle keyboard that’s old but I love it. A paperwhite which is amazing and my go to for bed or if the keyboard battery is low. Last is my kindle HDX it’s a great reader but for some reason I find myself going back to the paperwhite or keyboard more often than not. Add in some book marks and a super cute bookbag to carry them all around in I’m all set and ready for anything.  
What are you must have bookish supplies?

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