Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Write on: August Blogging Day 12

Write on: August Blogging Prompts 
The creator is Hello Neverland she has a writing prompt for each month. 

Today's Prompt 
A craft tutorial using citrus fruit....that's a tough about a picture of a book with citrus fruit with a teaser because I love sharing teasers.
My favorite is grapefruit and since I just happen to have one it looks like a perfect snack while I read. 
If he were to kiss me, I’d have to tilt my face up to meet his, but it would be nice, because he would probably wrap his arms around my lower back and pull me to him so that our mouths would come together like two pieces of a puzzle. Only they wouldn’t fit very well, because they are most definitely not two pieces from the same puzzle.
What's your favorite citrus fruit?

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