Sunday, August 23, 2015

Book Review: Circles

Title - Circles: The Trilogy
Author - Veronica O'Leary
Series - Damaged Goods #1
Published June 7th 2013
Publisher - Trafford Publishing
Format - paperback 

This romantic saga plays a symphony in your heart with notes of depth and inspiration. Just when you have become fully committed to the unusual and obsessive love shared by Princeton and Tallulah, you will have to hold on tight as you will be shocked by the disturbing chain of events that close this chapter of their life.

I received Circles in return for an honest review from the author. The story focus’s on the lives of Tallulah and Princeton the perfect couple as well as their circle of friends and family. Life for the pair is perfect except for the fact that they don’t have any children but even that hasn’t brought them down. They love that the two share is unlike any other it’s almost as if they can’t live without each other and that they live for each other. The pair has an excellent support system with their friends who have enhanced their lives.

Tallulah’s mother has been an active role in both of their lives to the point she even calls Princeton son and he calls her mom. She talks to him daily having a strong connection to him as well as their other friends. If not for Victoria they wouldn’t have found the perfect house when the time was just right. Or their friends wouldn’t have been as successful as they are today without her influence and support as well. Together they are a close support group of friends who all share a special connect to the perfect couple. However not everything is perfect as it seems when something tragic changes everything for the pair.

I wasn’t sure at first what I thought of Tallulah and Princeton’s relationship they are portrayed as just perfect in every way from being stunning in the looks and physically fit department. Their relationship is a little on the obsessed side but I think they really understand and love each other. They care so much about the other’s feelings that they are willing to go over above and beyond for the other. I also found at first that Victoria Tallulah’s mom was a very prominent role in their lives but as the story unfolded and we started to learn more about her relationship with them it makes sense and works.

Circles is an intricately woven story of the perfect couple with their close circle of friends. The author gives us multiple points of view from all different character within this close circle. We get flashes backs as well as insight into everyone’s lives. The author as a very detailed and flowery way of telling the story which typically I find this kind of writing style overwhelming but it actually works well for the book. I think with all the characters it will be easy to find one to connect with I know I had a few I was able to. Circles is an emotional roller coaster that has a shocking ending that leaves the reader to ponder. I finished the book in one long morning it was hard to put down because with the perfect couple I just know something was going to happen. Totally didn’t expect what happened to be what changed the lives of our perfect couple. I admit my curiosity is peak to see how it will all play out.While it wasn't my typical kind of book I enjoyed it. 

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