Friday, September 5, 2014

Review: Promise of Shadows

Title - Promise of Shadows
Author - Justina Ireland
Genre - YA Mythology Fantasy
Published - March 11th 2014
Publisher - Simon & Schuster Books
Format - Kindle 

Zephyr Mourning has never been very good at being a Harpy. She’d rather watch reality TV than learn forty-seven ways to kill a man, and she pretty much sucks at wielding magic. Zephyr was ready for a future pretending to be a normal human instead of a half-god assassin. But all that changes when her sister is murdered—and she uses a forbidden dark power to save herself from the same fate.

Zephyr is on the run from a punishment worse than death when an unexpected reunion with a childhood friend (a surprisingly HOT friend) changes everything. Because it seems like Zephyr might just be the Nyx, a dark goddess made flesh that is prophesied to change the power balance. For hundreds of years the half-gods have lived in fear, and Zephyr is supposed to change that.

But how is she supposed to save everyone when she can’t even save herself?

Zephyr isn’t the strongest or best harpy but she has survived for the first 17 but everything is about to change.  Knowing that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a half-god assassin she expects to end up living the rest of her life as a human but things go horribly wrong. Her sister is murdered for having a relationship with an Exalted and Zephyr has to use a forbidden power to save herself from joining her. Suddenly Zephyr is being hunted for killing the unkillable. Thankfully she isn’t put to death for her crime but sent off to Tartarus where the Gods hope to figure out how she did it.

After a visit form Hermes Zephyr is sent to see Hades who asks her the same questions that the Etheral councils questions. It’s after her visit with Hades who reveals that her sister is not in the afterlife that Zephyr decides she needs to escape. With the help of her only friend they attempt to escape but run into a rescue part from her childhood friend. The four of them escape to the mortal world and Zephyr learns that she is the Nyx the one who will save all the half-gods. With the help of unlikely friends Zephyr will have to use her powers to save those and challenge the ones who is intent on seeing her death.

I wanted to love Zephyr right from the start but I found her a little on the frustrating side after all she’s a harpy assassin but as the book progresses she gets better. I liked Cass right from the start even those the others didn’t trust her and in the end she was what Zephyr expected. I also Liked Tallon I think he works for Zephyr after all she’s had a connection with him since she was a kid plus they both have a thing for the dark side.

I’ve had Promise of Shadows on my kindle for months but just haven’t gotten the mythology bug till this week. I was instantly captivated by Zephyr’s story it’s a fast paced fantasy novel that kept me on the edge of my seat till the end. Promise of Shadows is one of those stories that I had a hard time putting down I just had to know what was going to happen to Zephyr and Tallon. I was able to connect with Zephyr she’s one of those characters who has issues but she grows as the book progresses. The author has taken the mythology idea of harpy’s and put an exciting new twist creating an engaging story. I really enjoyed the author’s writing style it flows smoothly from start to finish and she’s done an awesome job telling Zephyr’s story. A clean story while there is romance it’s not overwhelming so teens as well as adults will enjoy the novel. If you’re a mythology fan I highly recommend that you check it out plus the cover is beautiful. While it doesn’t say that it’s a series anywhere I could see the author telling more about either Zephyr and Tallon or other characters in the novel. I really enjoyed Promise of Shadows it’s a fun read. 
4 out of 5 stars


  1. I hadn't heard of this one, but I love the idea of a book about harpies - that's a new one for me!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. I liked this one too. I'm a huge fan of mythology :) I liked the idea of the harpies as well. Haha I also found Zephyr annoying a bit in the beginning, but she grew on me. I kinda wish this was a series though! We will have to keep a close eye on it if there is a sequel lol. Great review! What other mythology books do u plan to read now that you're in the mood?

    -Dee @ Dee's Reads