Thursday, September 18, 2014

Book Blitz: Club Luxe 1: The Private Room

Title - Club Luxe 1: The Private Room
Author - Olivia Noble
Series - Billionaires Underground #1
Publication date - September 18th 2014
Genre - Romance, Adult

Victoria Chase is Chicago’s hottest new reporter, looking to make the scoop of the century. Rumor has it that in the bowels of the city lies a private sex club for the wealthy elite. Willing to do anything for a story, she infiltrates the club, determined to uncover this urban legend. She didn’t expect to run into him:
Malcolm Cage.
The famous billionaire bad boy is the king of Club Luxe. Every Friday night, he reigns supreme over untold sinful pleasures in his underground kingdom. His one rule? He never participates and only watches—until he sees Victoria.
She sets his body and soul on fire, and Malcolm does not plan on letting her go. Can Victoria keep it professional and get her story? Or will her heart betray her under Malcolm’s smoldering gaze?

Interview with Olivia Noble 
Q. How did you get into writing?
A. I’ve loved telling stories since I was a child. When I grew older and got married (I’m still deciding whether that was wise) and had my beautiful children, writing had to go away. For a long time I was miserable and I had no idea why; I had a good life. I was just so busy being “honey” or “mommy” or “I hate you!” and I had no time to be just “me.” I love my family and my children, but I needed to escape. I began writing again, and unleashed my inner storyteller. Once I started, I couldn’t stop.

Q. How do you balance your family and your career?
A. Very carefully, with a lot of time budgeting. My husband is a pure champion and has been 110% supportive of me. At first, my kids needed so much attention that I could only write at night when they were asleep or at school. I had already quit my job to become a full-time mom, so I had some extra time to pump out a few hundred words before I crashed. Now that it’s been a while, they know once mommy goes into her office that it’s quiet time. My husband will take them outside to play for a few hours while I get some work done, and then I’ll make it up to the family with dinner and a movie. (And research with my husband.)

Q. How do you keep your sex scenes fresh and exciting?
A. Refer to the last line of my previous answer. My husband is more than happy to help with this aspect of my writing.

Q. What sets your books apart from others in your genre?
A. This is a really good question! To be honest, I read a lot of New Adult Romance. I’m just drawn to the memories of when I was that age and all the hardships I faced. I vividly recall the struggles with boys and rent (although I still struggle with boys and rent) and figuring out who I was as a person. I also met my husband at that age: my first great love (and if he’s good, my last.) Even though this was the hardest time in my life, the rewards were significant.

Q. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
A. There is lots of advice to give, but the most important skill is time management. Finding the time to write, especially when you’re just starting is a huge undertaking and will kill your budding career before you even have a chance to let it grow. Make writing your main priority and cherish every moment you have to sit down with your characters.

Olivia Noble is a romance writer who likes to keep things steamy and sweet. Check out her first book, Just a Fling, featuring a handsome billionaire and a tropical island.

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