Friday, September 26, 2014

Book Review: Compelled

Title - Compelled
Author - Shawntelle Madison
Series - Coveted #3
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Published - May 5th 2014
Format - Kindle

For the past five years, Natalya Stravinsky has dreamed of two things: to rejoin the South Toms River werewolf pack and to be reunited with Thorn Grantham. Fate may have brought the pack back into her life, but unless she journeys to Russia to save Thorn, the love she’s found may be lost again. For a stubborn werewolf like Natalya, no distance is too far, no magic spell too complex to master, because one way or another she will find a way to have everything she has ever wanted.

Compelled is the third installment in the Coveted series that tells the story of Natalya an alpha werewolf who has some issues. She’s spent the last five years wishing that she could be with Thorn but now that she’s earned the right it seems his curse is going to cut that time short. Determined to figure out how to save the man she loves Natalya sets off to Russian with her friend Tyler a dwarf intent on finding out how to break the curse before it’s too late. Around the world a war is brewing between the wizards and the warlock that threatens to spill out in the human world.  

Natalya and Tyler arrive at the home of Tamara who is a magic using werewolf who may just hold the key to saving Thorn. Thorn being the excellent tracker that he is finds Natalya at Tamara’s house and time is running out. Tamara agrees to train Natalya to see if she would be able to help her break the curse spell but they are attacked before forcing them all to flee in different directions. Natalya leaves Thorn in attempt to bring more people to fight against the warlocks what she finds is not what she expected but it may just be what she needs. Will they be able to stop the warlocks and save Thorn or will she be too late.

I love Natalya she’s one of my favorite werewolf characters in fiction and I just can’t seem to get enough of her. I love that she’s grown from the first book in the series, she’s turning into a bad-ass werewolf and I see lots of potential. I like that she reaches out to her therapy group when she needs help, and we get to see a little more of them like this book we met Tyler. He may be a dwarf but he’s also a model who just wants to find a wife. He was a great character to accompany Natalya though Russia. I also love Thorn he’s a perfect match or Natalya he supports her and sees her for who she is.

I had high expectations for Compelled after reading the prior books and the author delivered. Compelled is a fast paced action packed novel that takes a werewolf struggling with OCD and tosses her to the wolves you could say. She needs to learn to be tough and overcome her OCD or it may just cost her the one she loves. I was able to connect with Natalya right from the start and love that she just got better as the story progressed. I’m a huge fan of characters growing throughout the books and she has come a long way. I read Compelled from start to finish in one sitting it was impossible to put down because I had to know if she was going to save Thorn. If you’re a fan of Urban Fantasy and love werewolves this is a must read the characters are great and the story is beautifully done.
5 out of 5 Stars 

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