Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: The Quiet Professor

Title - The Quiet Professor 
Author - Betty Neels
Genre - Romance 
Published - December 1992
Publisher - Harlequin


Megan's perfect world falls apart and her one hope is Professor Jake van Belfield. He seems determined to rebuild her life--but why is he taking such a personal interest in her?


Megan’s life is perfect she’s engaged to a young doctor, she enjoys her job working as a nurse, and she recently acquired a flat of her own away from the other nurses. Yet everything changes on the trip home to introduce her family to her fiance Oscar. He falls head over heels in love with her shy younger sister. At first Megan just assumes he’s being nice spending time with her family but when the truth comes out she finds she’s not as disappointed by the news as she thought. Her heart is cracked but not broken like any other women who had found out her fiance had fallen in love with another woman.

Megan has the attention of Professor Jake van Belfield a pathology professor she just doesn't realize that he’s in love with her. After all he’s a little older quiet, a successful professor what would he see in her. As the professor goes out of his way to visit her, even offering her a chance to work in Holland at an orphanage giving her a much needed change. Megan sees the professor as being very kind and helpful but her mother is sure that he’s in love with her daughter. Will Megan figure out the truth?

I love Megan she’s a strong character not your typical skinny blonde but a real woman with curves. She’s a nurse working in a tough hospital but doesn't let the laundry guy get the best of her. Even after her engagement ends she handles it better than most. Who doesn't love a knight in shiny Rolls Royce rolling into save the day. I love the professor he’s just so dreamy and he cares dearly for Megan it’s so sweet.  

I've been a fan of Betty Neels since I was a teenager thanks to my grandmother leaving me a few boxes of books when she passed away. She left me a good 40 of her books all of which I've read before long ago. When I needed a rich character the first to come to mind are the men of Betty Neels books, the girl are always poorer struggling type. They feel like real characters that get a happy ever after. The Quiet Professor is a Harlequin so it’s a fast paced quick sweet romance novel. These books always make me crave toast and tea it’s because of them I've become such a tea drinker. Anyway I love the characters, love the sweet unsuspecting romance and just love all of her books. These are perfect for a quick afternoon read. Of course I plan to read this as well as the rest of her books again. 
5 out of 5 stars

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