Saturday, October 26, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 6

I stumbled across this 30 Day Challenge and just have to participate. 
I got the idea from Ya-Aholic Reviews

A Book that makes you sad. 

I tend to avoid sad books for the fact that I don't enjoy being sad. 
However I did read a fantastic book that was a total tear-jerker that left me sad. 
I love the story but it's super sad but so worth the read. I would read it again. 

Always and Forever
by Karla J. Nellenbach

Mia's first reaction is outright disbelief. Obviously, a mistake has been made. Sixteen-year-old girls don't die. But, when the diagnosis is confirmed, she dives headlong into anger. If she has to die, why should it be of cancer? In fact, anything would be preferable to cancer. Better for her to say when, where, and especially how.

Determined to meet death on her own terms, Mia devises scheI love the story but it's super sad but so worth the read. I would read it again. me after scheme to get the job done. A “fall” down the basement stairs, driving her car off a bridge, and even a dance with a train all end in her survival. 

And through it all, Mia keeps her family and friends at arms' length with her destructive and hurtful behavior. With each failed suicide attempt and burned relationship, she slowly realizes that it’s not the dying that she’s afraid of, but the life she’ll be leaving behind. Now, that life is in a shambles. As time begins to slip through her fingers and death is upon her, Mia fights to rebuild the bridges she has destroyed, but can she do it before the clock runs out?

What's the last book that made you sad?

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