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Review: Lily: The Witch Hunter

Title - Lily: The Witch Hunter
Author - Emma Hart
Series or standalone - The Mauve Legacy 1-4
Genre - Young Adult Paranormal
Publication September 27th 2012
(Goodreads) & (Smashwords)
Rating 4 out of 5


Witches. Vampires. Werewolves. Demons.
Moving to Salem introduces Lily Mauve to a whole new world, one she is in the centre of. 
If making new friends and falling in love isn't enough, there's also the fact she's a witch.
A witch destined to be a triple goddess and defeat the man who has hunted her kind for over three hundred years.
Faced with heartbreak, never-ending family secrets, lies and betrayal, she must stand strong and be the leader everyone knows she can be. 
Lily thinks the war will end in Salem, because destroying Henry Luther is her birthright, isn't it?


I received Lily: The Witch Hunter as part of the blog tour hosted by Reading Addiction Tours in return for an honest review. Lily has moved back to her father’s family home in Salem Massachusetts, where the famous witch trials once took place. Lily isn't thrilled because she was hoping to be captain of the cheer squad next year as a senior as well as an almost boyfriend. Right before she heads off to school she learns that she has a cousin in the same school that up till her then she didn't know existed. Her first day of school is better than she could ever expect, when she connects with the popular girls who are also cheerleaders, and has the attention of the cutest boy in school.

Lily makes the cheer squad and forms a strong bond with the captain of the squad as well as the others members of the team, she even has a date for the homecoming dance with the cute boy who happens to be the brother of her new friend and captain of the squad. On the night before the dance Lily learns that there is more to the witch trial stories and that she’s not just human. She's a witch as well as several of her friends and that she comes from a long line of witches. Lily learns that her dates as well as several of the girls on the squad are witches as well as her friend Ava's date including her cousin Grace.

With the news of being a witch Lily also learns that darkness lurks a man who has spent his long like killing witches stealing their powers and souls. Lily and her family want stand against him but he's gotten too strong, so they enlist the help of the local vampire coven whose leader agrees after meeting Lily. With the encouragement of the Salem vampire coven they seek out assistance from the Boston Vampire Coven as well who also agree to align themselves with the witches. Lily will reach out after tragedy strikes to the werewolf pack for help fighting against, but doing so will invite a new threat to her world one that might be too much for her.

I really liked the story it instantly sucked me and kept me reading all afternoon till I finished. It's a four part story that has been put into one however it flows smoothly enough you wouldn't notice. I found the story line easy to follow and well written in addition the characters are well developed. I really liked Lily she's easy to connect with; she's a strong character who grows up a lot from the girl in the beginning of the story.  I found the concept unique filled with entertaining twists that keep you on your toes. I like the idea of the vampires they aren't your typical night vampires nor are they your sparkly vampires. I think if I had to be a vampire they are the ones I want to be plus I would have to drink blood and coffee since I'm a coffee nut like Jerome. Overall it's a great story I really enjoyed and I can see a wide range of people interesting in reading Lily: The Witch Hunter.

Emma Hart

Author Bio
Emma Hart is a young mum/maid/launderette/personal chef/author who lives in Barnstaple, Devon in England. She lives with a man bearing the title fiancĂ© who is incapable of picking up dirty socks and their one year old little monster who currently shouts 'quack' at everything.
When she's not writing or being mum, she enjoys sitting down with a good book to get five minutes peace, which almost never happens. She freely admits to hating talent shows on TV, (The Voice, Xfactor etc) but being completely addicted to them and unable to stop watching. Emma believes there are only two men in the world who can say they truly understand women – their names are Ben & Jerry – because if you didn't understand women there's no way you could create ice-cream that good.
She also admits to being a bit eBay obsessive. You will find at least 200 items on her watch list at any one time. Little girl's shoes is another love of hers – just as well because her daughter grows incredibly quickly. Sadly, this is the only one of her obsessions she is able to justify.

Twitter @EmmaHartAuthor

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