Friday, November 2, 2012

Author Interview: Kate Evangelista

Interview with Kate Evangelista

Today I'm super excited I have a awesome interview to share from one of my favorite author's Kate Evangelista. I've read both of her books Taste (Review) and Reaping Me Softly (Review) loved them both. I have some awesome answers to my questions. 

Mandy - Where did you get the inspiration for Taste?
Kate - At the school I used to teach at there is this practice of ringing a bell in the afternoons to signal that the students still on campus cannot roam the grounds anymore. In my head something sinister happens at night in the school. This is why Taste begins with Phoenix waking up in the library to the ringing of the school bell.

Mandy - Do you see yourself in your characters? If so which one?
Kate - My characters are fully formed when they arrive at the apartment complexes in my head. I may see some characteristics similar to mine, but I have yet to meet a character who’s exactly like me.

Mandy - Do you have a favorite series you like to write or do you love them all?
Kate - I love each and every novel I write. I need to say this for health reasons because if my characters ever find out I favor one other the other, they will riot in my head and I might end up in a padded cell.

Mandy - Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
Kate - No. First, I thought I was going to be a doctor. Then I became a teacher, and then an essay consultant. But the common denominator here is I would always write something. 

Mandy - If you had to be a character in a book who would you be and why?
Kate - I think I would want to be RC, from my fourth YA novel entitled IMPULSE. She drives my dream car, a Shelby GT500KR, and she’s the most kick-ass character I’ve ever encountered so far.

Mandy - What kind of atmosphere do you prefer when you write?
Kate - I can write anywhere so long as I have headphones on and blasting music.

Mandy - Who are your author role models?
Kate - I love Lisa Kleypas. She has a sense of humor in her writing that really makes me laugh out loud when I read her stuff. At the same time, she always has a twist at the end. No matter what you think the ending with be, she ends up surprising you.

Mandy - Who is your favorite Muppet?
Kate - Ms. Piggy. She’s so sassy and loves fashion.

Mandy - Do you have favorite gadget?
Kate - Elvis, my pocketbook. All my WIPs and novels are in him.

Mandy - What’s your favorite quote?
Kate - “Writing is a solitary art done behind closed doors within dark rooms.” – Patricia Dunker

Mandy - What are 5 items you never leave home without?
Kate - My Kindle Fire. My wallet. My cell phone. My car. My “be prepared” kit.

Mandy - Where can we STALK you?
Kate - You can always find me on twitter @KateEvangelista. Come follow me and say hi. I always respond. *smiles*

Mandy - I know Reaping Me Softly is right around the corner have you given any thought to your next book?
Kate - I’m always thinking about my next book. I’m actually finishing up Savor, a companion novel to Taste which features Luka. So, Luka fans, watch out for that one after you grab your copy of Taste (if you haven’t yet) and Reaping Me Softly. Let’s all make October 30 a Reaping Me Softly day, the perfect read for Halloween.

Mandy - Anything you want to say to our readers?
Kate - First, *tackle hugs*. Second, a big, huge, giant THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to read the stories from the wacky characters in my head. Every time you buy a copy of my book, an angel/fairy gets its wings. *giggles*

Thank you so much for being here today Kate it's been a dream come true.

Don't forget to check out her books 
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Reaping Me Softly (Goodreads)

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