Sunday, August 5, 2012

Interview with Scott Cramer

I was super lucky to snag a interview from Scott Cramer the author of Night Of The Purple Moon. I was give a copy to read and provide a honest review. The book impressed me so much it's just amazing. So my hubby and I sat down and came up with some fun random questions that you don't always hear from authors. Poor Scott is my first victim to my growing list of questions. Thank you so much for the interview Scott it's been a pleasure. 

Mandy : Where do you get your inspiration?
Scott : I’m always leery/superstitious to try to figure out where my creativity comes from, the source of crazy thoughts and strange connections, the wellspring of creativity. But I am more than happy to discuss inspiration. Writing is easy when one is inspired. The problem is that inspiration is fleeting. It comes and goes. Mostly goes. So then the trick is to be able to endure the arduous, grinding process of writing every day. If you persevere, though, and keep at it, through thick and thin, it’s surprising what you can produce.
Mandy: What kind of atmosphere do you prefer when you write?
Scott: Silence. It is early in the morning and the dog and cat have been fed once. There is a period when the cat is happy is not demanding a second feeding. The coffee is fresh and bold, usually French roast. I have heard that darker roasts of coffee have less caffeine, but I don’t believe it. I need proof. If I get said proof, I’ll switch to a lighter roast in a heartbeat. Anyway, I am sitting in a small room in our house. The wall in front of me is blank, except for the many account names and passwords I have written on it in ink. Behind me I have sprayed graffiti on the wall, which I don’t see because it’s behind me. The shades are drawn. Everyone else in the house is sleeping. That’s the ideal atmosphere.

Mandy:   What kind of books do you enjoy reading? Which ones are your favorites?
Scott:  When I am writing fiction, which lately has been most of the time, I like to read non fiction. I think I have read every book written on climbing Mt. Everest. I am hoping that more books on Everest are in the pipeline. Climbing that mountain makes for incredible moment by moment drama and danger as the climbers push themselves to their limits and beyond.

Mandy:  Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
Scott: My eighth grade English teacher, Mr. Hitchborn, tried to deter my writing career with a D minus. In college, my Freshman 101 English papers inevitably were returned with a ton of red marks. I can write, but I think I must churn out a lot more drafts than other writers. I remember fondly the story of someone with dyslexia who would try to read a book and the words would look as if they were spinning on the page. That person stuck with it, learned a technique to read, and went on to become a bigwig in the Library of Congress. That unknown person is one of my heroes. If you want to do something badly enough, you’ll find a way. Oh yes, when did I know I wanted to be a writer? Fourth grade.

Mandy: Who are your author role models?
Scott: NOT the ones who sit down and whip out 100,000 word tomes in three months. I am more partial to the ones who really break a sweat trying to craft simple sentences.

Mandy: If you had to be a character in a book who would you be and why?

Scott: Captain Nemo, in charge of the submarine, Nautilus, in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. Nemo is one cool dude.

Mandy: Who is your favorite Muppet?
Scott: Disclosure. I had to Google muppets. Which tells you something. But scanning the options it did not take long for me to identify with Cookie Monster.

Mandy: Do you collect anything?
Scott: I collect stories and I seem to collect friends who tell good stories or who are good stories themselves. As for material possessions, I am the anti-collector. I dream of reducing my worldly possessions to a spork, a fold up cup, and a metal plate with three sections. Of course, this is not possible in modern society unless I check into a Zen monastery, which is not currently on my to-do list.

Mandy: Favorite beverage? Do you drink it daily?
Scott: Coffee. Hourly… up until noon. Unless I happen to be in the vicinity of a Starbucks after the noon hour.

   Mandy: Biggest pet peeve?
Scott:People who whistle in the shower at the YMCA.

Mandy: Favorite quote?
Scott: Live and let live

Scott Cramer website here. Facebook Twitter @cramer_scott 
My review here 5 Stars
Buy a Copy today at Amazon here.

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