Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Mid Week Check-In

It's already Wednesday! The week is flying by I can't believe it's already Wednesday! 

I've been on a Hockey romance kick this week. 
I already finished Icebreaker by Hannah Grace. It's been on my TBR forever and I have the special edition from the Probably Smut Subscription of this one and the next one. 

I wasn't sure at first the characters drove me nuts at the beginning but as the book progressed I just fell in love with them. I loved this one it was beautifully done. I need to write my full review but dang it sucked me in and stole a spot in my heart. Highly recommend if you like hockey romance. 

I've decided to continue the hockey kick and grabbed another that has been lingering on my TBR forever. 

I picked up Pucking Around by Emily Rath it's a huge chunky book so I admit it was a little intimidating. I started with the Novella That One Night by Emily Rath and started Pucking Around on audiobook via Libby App. I haven't even finished it but I'm at the last 20% and purchased the first two in the series. I'm in love it's a why choose steamy complex story that just works so well. 

I received the latest volume of A Business Proposal by Haehwa & NARAK it's one of my favorite graphic novels. I ended up devouring it right after I opened the box. I can't wait for the next volume to come out. Highly recommend if you enjoy graphic novel romance. 

I also received Beautiful Villain by Rebecca Kenney for review. It's a Dark & Spicy Modern Jay Gatsby story. I loved The book and movie The Great Gatsby and I'm totally going to binge them before diving into this stunning copy. 

Seven years ago, I lost him for good. Now he's back, but is he still the Jay Gatsby I used to know…or is he something more? Something…darker.

Daisy Finnegan is looking forward to the endless golden freedom of summer. No more college, no more pressure, no more worries. But when her cousin goes missing at an exclusive house party, Daisy is all too ready to confront the mysterious host…only to discover the wealthy recluse is Jay Gatsby, her childhood sweetheart―now sinfully hot and impossible to deny.

She could never resist him, and it isn't long before she's entangled in a web of wealth and lies and obsession, culminating in a shocking act of violence that shatters the summer haze and threatens to drown them all.

But it isn't until Gatsby is shot through the heart―and survives―that Daisy discovers the truth of how he clawed his way up in the world: by selling the secret of immortality to the highest bidder. Now with her friends' lives at stake, her own dizzying new powers still volatile, and an unimaginable threat closing in, Daisy will have to face an impossible choice: Side with the man who claimed her body and soul? Or with the monsters who would see him lost to her forever?

An addictive and truly original spicy New Adult retelling of The Great Gatsby with a magical twist. 

How's your week going? 

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