Friday, February 2, 2024



What's currently going on with me. 

I've been super active over on instagram but this week I faced a awful blow they can't seem to figure out why my account keeps getting a ban. Now my engagement is almost non existent which is heartbreaking. I'm kind of a bit of a vacation I guess till my account seems to work it's way out. Some days I can post others I can't. No one has any idea why my account is being wonky. So I'm going to embrace other forms for social media. 
It's been ages since I've had a update on my blog. Time to find my love of blogging again. 
This is me it's been a long time first of the year my first book of 2024 which I loved. I've since refreshed my hair color so it's now vibrant pink and teal. 

So I guess my first question is anyone even here anymore? 

I'm looking to post daily. my current foodie, projects, adventures, books that I'm reading and devouring and just my stuff I love. I would love to know that I'm not talking to myself but I'm doing this for me. Hopefully you'll join along for the ride. 

I'm still going to be posting on social media but I'm going to embrace my blog. It's been years since I was here and loved it like I used to. Can you believe this is the 12th year for the reading diaries?? Crazy. 

Anyway if you made it through my ted talk. I'll take lots of pictures for tomorrow. Lots of bookish, foodie, random stuff to come. 

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