Saturday, February 3, 2024

Book Review: Once Upon a Krampus

Title - Once Upon a Krampus 
Author - K.D. Fraser 
Genre - Monster Romance Fantasy 
Format - Kindle Unlimited 
Published - Dec 8th 2023
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I was alone in the world, and alone in my house in the woods. My husband had passed, leaving me to tend to our dream home by myself.

Then one day he showed up. The tales were real. Krampus was real,. And he was in my home, sharing my meals, and my bed.


I picked this one up because I'm a little bit obsessed with Krampus this winter. I ended up devouring it in less than 30minutes and loving every moment. I really enjoy that the Krampus isn't the monster I've always believed him to be. It's refreshing seeing the monsters in a new light and Krampus is a perfect example of just that. I really enjoyed the relationship between him and Elise they have this innocent sweet romance the I just loved. 

This is my first book by the author and I'm hooked she's created a captivating steamy romance that captured my heart and soul. With engaging characters that I was able to connect with. I've already read the next story highly recommend if you enjoy monster romance. The author has a beautiful way of telling a story.

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