Friday, February 23, 2024

Happy Release Day! Book Review: The Game of Hearts

Title - The Game of Hearts 
Author - Courtney Millecam 
Genre - Urban Fantasy 
Format - Fantasy Retelling 
Published - Feb 23rd 2024
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Win the game, change your fate. Lose the game, lose your life.

When Alice Liddell runs away on the night of her engagement party and stumbles into a shadowy pub on a forgotten street, she thinks her life is ruined. Her parents are furious, her reputation is destroyed, and her fall from society will be printed in all of London’s gossip columns. Then a mysterious stranger gives her an unexpected solution to all of her problems: A yearly game inviting mortals into the land of Faerie to play the queen’s infamous Game of Hearts. To win is to gain a wish of your heart but to lose means sacrificing your freedom.

Alice quickly realizes the game is far more intricate and deadly than she was led to believe and teams up with the rebellious and irreverent cat-shifter Ches. Together they must outwit the other players by solving the obscure riddles given as clues and get out of the queen’s enchanted hedge maze unscathed. It also means staying far away from Maddox, the queen’s champion player and Alice’s fiercest competition. He’s determined to win at all costs, but Alice suspects his motives may not be his own.

The deeper Alice goes inside the world of cunning fae, bloodthirsty beasts, and vengeful queens, the more she fears that winning means betraying those closest to her. And in this Game of Hearts, Alice needs to guard hers.

This 1920's Alice in Wonderland reimagining is the second book in the Otherworlds Trilogy and is perfect for fans of fairytale retellings with dark twists, atmospheric settings, and slow burn romance that's swoony, not spicy.


I received The Game of Hearts in return for an honest review from the author. 

I love Alice she's a sweetheart and when she debated staying in the dream with her brother who had passed away my heart went out to her. I feel like if I was in her shoes I don't know if I would have been able to leave. I loved Ches he's such a great character and companion for our girl Alice. I was a little unsure about Maddox but as the story progressed and we got to really know him I started to really like him. 

I've always been obsessed with Alice in Wonderland it's my favorite retelling and I have such fond memories of my grandmother reading it over and over to me. I knew the moment I heard that this one was a Alice retelling I had to sign up for. My only regret is I didn't realize I needed to read the first one and will need to go back and read the first story. Gosh the ending eeek. I can't wait for the next one to come out and tie up all the loose ends. 

This is my first book by the author but she nailed it out of the park. The storytelling is beautifully done I was captivated right from the start. I ended up devouring The Game of Hearts in one afternoon because I had to know how it would play out. I loved this unique retelling of Alice in Wonderland and think the author did a fantastic job! I loved every moment of the story. Highly recommend if your a fan of Alice in Wonderland I recommend reading the first. One of my favorite books of 2024 so far! 

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