Thursday, February 15, 2024


I'm currently reading several books as my TBR is out of control. 

I'm currently working on Historical Romance for my scavenger hunt game on Goodreads. 

I'm reading today several today for my challenge. I picked a bunch of quick ones. 

Grace by Beverley Watts has been on my kindle for far to long and is perfect for this challenge.  It's been lost on my kindle and it was published in 2020 so perfect to share as My Dusty Bookshelf and Throwback Thursday! 

I'm starting a new Tunisian crochet project today making a kindle cover. 

I'm listening to the first in the Dustwalker Bridges series a Soul to Keep by Opal Reyne. I'm hooked on this series it's my current audiobook. I wish the others are narrated by the same duo and may have to wait for them to come out before I listen to the next ones. 

What are you currently reading? 


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