Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Teaser Tuesday!


It's Teaser Tuesday time! 

I'm currently devouring Shadows of the Dark Realm which releases tomorrow. 

Shadows of the Dark Realm
by Tyler Edwards
Published Jan 31st 2024
Dark Fantasy  


"We aren't dragon hunters. We seek the stone. Our best chance of suces is to teal the stone without having to fight dragons at all." Vale countered. 

Rivik nodded. "Your chances of reaching the Fang Coast alive, without our help, may be smaller than you think. I am proposing we work together. We help you reclaim your stone; you help us kill the dragon. 


The idyllic kingdom of Parisia sat nestled securely in the Great Emerald Mountains. For generations Parisia had known nothing but peace and prosperity. When the elder dragon Draka Mors, steals the Darkstone, the entire realm is threatened. Without the Darkstone, the magic sealing away the Shadow King would fail. His return would bring death and destruction to the world of men.

Desperate, the king of Parisia calls on an unlikely hero, the Disgraced Knight Vale Lox to lead a group of Seekers on the most important quest in a thousand years.

To save the realm and everyone they have ever known from the rising shadows of darkness, these misfits must survive hostile lands, enemy armies, unspeakable monsters, and each other in order to retrieve the stone from the dragon’s lair before it’s too late.

What are you currently reading? 

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