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Book Review: This Wicked Bond

Title - This Wicked Bond 
Author -Amanda Aggie
Genre - Dark Fantasy 
Format - Arc Review Copy
Published - Aug 30th 2022
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A captive princess.

A rogue dragon shifter.

A bond that could save or doom them all.

I've been a prisoner since birth, feared for my power to control death, but everything changes when I'm pulled from the dungeon. A plan has been made to get me out of the realm and away from my ruthless father who wants me executed.

My crime? Being a weapon he can't control...

And I might've tried to kill him.

There's only one problem. For the plan to work, I'll have to trust a complete stranger, which is easier said than done. Loric is an enemy rebel from the outer realm, a handsome rogue in a green cloak who has every reason to send me back to the king in pieces.

My father killed his sister and tortured his people.

My only saving grace is that he owes the dungeon master a life debt, one he's been asked to repay by protecting me.

This Wicked Bond is an enemies-to-lovers tale featuring a morally gray, shifter hero with a slew of red flags. The world is dark, but it’s also full of adventure and magic. This story is a spellbinding fusion of Robin Hood, dragons, and monsters, and takes place within Amanda Aggie’s Seven Realms World.


I received This Wicked Bond in return for an honest review from the author. 

In this book we are introduced to Calamity a princess who has been locked away since until she's rescued by Loric a dragon shifter and his friends. I love Calamity she's just adorable as she discovers the world for the first time. I love Loric he's a little broody but after everything he's endured I totally get it. I love the chemistry between Calamity and Loric is sweet and so very steamy!

This is the third installment in the Realm of Monsters series and it may be my favorite of three so far. I love the characters in the story but Calamity is my favorite she's just amazing and I loved her so much. I really enjoyed the concept for this one and finding more about the realms and the dragon shifters. I really enjoyed the unique Robin Hood elements in the story it was interesting. 

This Wicked Bond is a captivating whirlwind adventure that captures my heart as well as my imagination. I ended up devouring the story in just a few quick reading sessions only because real life got in the way. Otherwise I would have finish it in just one afternoon it's just so good and I couldn't put it down. This Twisted Bond is a beautiful story with monsters, morally gray romance and just enough spice blended perfectly. 

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