Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Release Day! Book Review: Sanctuary of the Shadow

 Title - Sanctuary of the Shadow
Author - Aurora Ascher   
Genre - Fantasy 
Format - Arc Review Copy  
Published - Jan 6th 2024
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A Refinery29 Most Anticipated Book of 2024

"Ascher's latest is a fantasy romance that has everything nice—a hot love interest, a relatable main character, female friendship—and plenty of (consensual) spice." ―Booklist

Some follow their destiny.

Others fall for it.

For humans, Salizar’s is a place of mystery and wonder. For Harrow, it’s a place to hide from those who slaughtered her entire clan. A haven where she can disguise both her abilities and who she really is.

Until he arrives.

He has no recollection of who—or even what—he is. He only knows that he’s a monster, with wings and powerful abilities never seen before. But beneath the layers of rage and isolation, one glimpse into those inky black eyes reveals a soul that calls out to the loneliness in Harrow.

And so she chooses him.

She is drawn to the mystery of him, her unquenchable need for his kiss. And as powerful enemies align and conspire against them, Harrow knows their only hope is escape.

Now, with every secret she unlocks from his past, a shadow from her own whispers free—luring enemies who will stop at nothing to get their final revenge on Harrow. And she’s given them the perfect weapon…because her winged beast is not what he seems.

But maybe it’s time they finally learn—neither is she.


I received Sanctuary of the Shadows in return for an honest review from the publisher as part of a advance read-along. 

Harrow is living among a supernatural circus which is traveling from town to town. After losing her entire family she's keep her ears hidden pretending to just be a human but who she really is she's keep secret. When a handsome stranger shows up at the Circus everything changes. Raith is more than he appears and Harrow knows that she can't leave him at the hands of the circus. 

I love Harrow she's such a great character and after everything that has happened to her it just makes her stronger willing to risk it all for those she loves. Raith is interesting I wasn't sure at first but the more time Harrow spends with him the more I loved him for her. They have this connection that the more time they are together the more steamy it gets. I just felt I was really able to Harrow. 

 I'm hooked I really enjoyed Harrow and Raith's story it's a beautiful sweet love story with just the right amount of spicy blended in. I found the world that they live in fascinating and while we get just a taste of the circus it's really unique. We are introduced to a few characters like her best friend Mal who I can't wait to see show up in the next book. I'm glad that each book is going to be set in the world with the characters overlapping but with new couples. 

This is my first book by the author and I'm obsessed with her storytelling style she's created a captivating story that tugs at the heartstrings. With engaging characters, a magical world, a steamy romance and darkness looming around it was perfect. I devoured this book over a couple days even though I tried to stay with the read-along I had to finish it and see how it would all play out. I'm so glad that I had the chance to read this one it was lovely. 

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