Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Teaser Tuesday


It's Teaser Tuesday time! 

New week all new books. I'm currently on a alien smut kick at the moment. This one is great I'm over half way done and should be finished in a few hours. 

The Alien's Ransom
by Ella Maven 
Published Febuary 24th 20202
Dark Spicy Romance Retelling 


There were a lot of things public school didn't prepare me for. How to balance a checkbook. How to change the oil in my car. The proper way to load a dishwasher. 

But public school, most freaking definitely, did not prepare me for how to deal with extraterrestrial motorcycle clubs. 


"Nothing in my life had prepared me for extraterrestrial motorcycle clubs."

Frankie: I thought alien abductions only happened in movies. But here I am on a strange planet with green soil and a gang of muscled, wicked-horned aliens on hover bikes. All I want to do is go back to Earth, but the alpha male in charge has decided I belong to him. Now I'm on the back of his bike speeding to an unknown destination and super freaked out about liking his biceps and serious scowl. Good thing I have some banked personal days, because this might take awhile...

Daz: The job is supposed to be easy. All I have to do is deliver a spaceship of living cargo to the vile Uldani and they'll release my brother. If I fail, they'll take it out on him. Except the cargo is something I've never seen before—human females. The one called Frankie is beautiful and soft, and I've already spilled blood for her. Now how am I going to save my brother? Because this human female is mine.

The Alien's Ransom is a full-length Sci-Fi romance novel featuring a snarky heroine who tries to find the humor in everything, even when kidnapped by aliens, and a possessive hero with lots of hidden weapons. Big ones.

What are you currently reading? 

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  1. Lol! Funny and true! Although, I do recall a brief tutorial of sorts in 5th grade for balancing a checkbook! Lol! Our teacher had a "store" classroom where we could spend money from a fake checking account. We'd earn dollars for good behavior or some such things and if we misbehaved or something we had to take money out. It at least gave me exposure to it for when it was needed later on. I still balance my own checkbook out of habit. I check it online for payday and make sure things are still running the same as I record it. But yeah, hardly ever write a check though! Lol.

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