Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Book Review: Virgin Sacrifice

Title - 
Virgin Sacrifice
Author - L. M. Ramirez  
Genre - Why Choose Dark Romance  
Format - Review Copy
Published - November 16th 2023 
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For most, death is final.

For me, it was just the beginning…

My mother gave up everything to save me.

When she died last year, I thought my life was over, but Mami raised me to be a survivor. A fighter. And that’s just what I intend to do.

Tucked away in rural Connecticut, the elite Hollow Oak University is the perfect place for a new beginning. The plan is simple. Keep my head down, focus on my studies, get my degree, and disappear.

But the gothic campus is not the safe haven I had hoped for. Girls are vanishing without a trace. And, despite my efforts to remain unnoticed, trouble continues to stalk me.

Trouble like the Blackwells and their pet serial killer.

Alister, Nixon, Locke, and Everest are beautiful, brutal, and completely fixated on turning my fresh start into a nightmare. They already have blood on their hands—and now they’re out for mine.

Eyes haunt me from the shadows, wanting to bring my dark past into the light. A vengeful phantom, ready to ensure that this time my death would be permanent.

My secrets were always meant to stay buried...

Will Hollow Oak become my graveyard?

VIRGIN SACRIFICE is a twisted, why-choose tale of murder, mystery, and love, where the girl gets the psycho in the end. A slow burn, with enough tension to drown in; it is the first book in the DEAD GIRLS CLUB series and ends on a cliffhanger.


I received Virgin Sacrifice in return for an honest review from the author. 

Luz plan is to keep her head down and get her degree and avoid drawing attention to herself. However, she's drawn the attention of a very powerful family the Blackwells, she's stalked by twins and her professor is trying to push her to drop her class. When bodies start turning up and someone is sending her a message she worries she may be next. 

First off can we address just how stunning that cover is?!?!? Omg it's just gorgeous it's captured my attention first. The characters are brilliantly done, Luz is by far my favorite she's just this such a sweetheart after everything that's happened to her. She's the one I want saving my life if I ever end of chased by a killer because I know we will get out alive. The guys are steamy psychos but you can't help liking them even if they do have a few darker hobbies. 

I devoured this one in just one afternoon it was impossible to put down I had to know what would happen to Luz as I was so invested in her story. The characters are easy to connect with engaging and I spent the whole book cheering our girl on. I'm so glad this is a why choose because I don't think I could just pick one of the potential love interests for Luz as each one brings something to the table. 

This is the debut novel by L.M. Ramirez and it blew my mind because it's a beautiful story that captured my soul and on finishing the book left me screaming over the cliffhanger. I loved every moment of reading Virgin Sacrifice it's a amazing story and goes into my top 5 of 2023. It's a darker romance and L.M. Ramirez has created my new obsession. I'm dying for the next book in the series to continue Luz story and find out more about the men in her life. It's a must read if you love darker romance. 

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