Sunday, November 12, 2023

Book Review: Contract With The Mafia Boss

Title - 
Contract with the Mafia Boss 
Author - Ashlie Silas  
Genre - Dark Romance 
Format - KU Copy  
Published - October 19th 2023
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A chance encounter led to a dating contract... with a mafia boss.

I was desperate and needed a pretend boyfriend.

Of all the people in the city, I collided with the ruthless millionaire, Carlo D’Angelo.

His heart is as cold as ice, but he's so darn hot, I'm surprised it hasn't melted.

When mistaken for my imaginary beau, I just went with it, and to my surprise...

...he played along.

It turns out he has an agenda of his own, and we needed to play by three simple rules:

  • Get to know each other so we're never caught off guard,
  • Make a few public appearances together, and…
  • Share two kisses.

In the end, he gets a building he's been trying to buy from my father, and I get to walk away from an arranged marriage.

The plan seemed perfect. We're total opposites, so romance was never an option.

I save lives, and he... takes them. So, there was no way anything could go wrong.

That is until he started calling me... his.


Desperate to not be forced into a marriage with a man she doesn't want to marry Tori tells her parents that she's seeing someone. They want to me the potential suitor and invite her to bring him to a party but when the time comes she doesn't have a boyfriend to introduce them to but Carlos just happens to be in the right place to pretend to be her boyfriend.The more time they spend together to fake it the more they find themselves falling for each other.. 

I love Tori she's just a sweetheart who you just can't help liking. Carlos is a perfect Mafia boss fiercely protective of his family and willing to do it all to protect the ones he loves. They complement each other very well. I didn't realize I was reading out of order but we have some of the prior couples sprinkled throughout the story so I'm curious to check out their happy ever afters. 

This is my first book by the author and I enjoyed every moment of it. A quick fast paced dark steamy fake relationship romance that turns into a happy ever after. I'll admit it's your typical darker mafia romance but the author does a great job putting her spin on the story. I enjoyed the story ended up reading it in just one reading session. I've got the next ones added to my TBR list. 

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