Friday, November 24, 2023

Book Review: Someone Exactly Like Me

Title - Someone Exactly Like Me
Author - Debbie Cromack
Genre - Forced Proximity, Strangers to friends to lovers
Series - Wounded Hearts Book 1  
Format - Paperback
Published - July 17 2021 
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What we have is a business arrangement. Nothing more.
It’s a fact I have to keep reminding myself of every time he pins me with his eyes or my heart pounds in my ears when we’re close.

He has a rule: Don’t kiss women on the lips.

I have a rule too: Don’t be another notch in the belt of the too-hot-for-his-own-good Italian celebrity who’s just skyrocketed to fame.

When Niccolo Mancini proposes a business deal for us to help each other in order to further our careers, we may both break our rules.

He wants to expand his stardom to Hollywood and I know the connections who can help him do that.

Painfully aware that my career as a romance author has taken a sudden nosedive, and knowing that access to his audience as my part of our agreement could quickly turn that nosedive into a steep upswing, I accept his deal.

As the terms of our deal play out, my humdrum life is flipped upside down as he and I spend a lot of time together…much of it under the same roof.

Did I mention that he’s also a musician? He sings and plays guitar…and wrote a song for me. Yeah, so there’s that.

He’s a man who’s hurting and exposes his wounds and fears to me, drawing me more deeply to him. Just when I let him in, the temporary fairytale implodes, crushing my heart. I run…and wonder if what we had was ever even real.

He got what he wanted from our deal.
I didn’t.
What do I do now?

This is Book 1 in the Wounded Hearts series. While it can be read as a standalone, your experience will be better if you read this book first.


Destiny is having a writing slump and when she has a chance encounter with her fantasy man she accepts a deal that will give her just what she needs. She will also help launch his career in Hollywood changing both of their lives. What started out as unlikely friendship slowly blooms into more but when it comes crashing down will that be the end of what could have been a happy ever after? 

I just love Destiny she's such a sweetheart with a heart of gold who just happens to be going through a writing slump. I mean how often do we get characters that are authors?? I love that so much!! That is till the man of her fantasy's is suddenly dropped in her lap thanks to her best friend Candy. Nicco is charismatic, swoon worthy and exactly you would want in a fantasy come to life. Of course he's a sexy Italian actor that happened to do a steamy movie but he's not the playboy she imagined him to be. 

I found them easy to connect with they just felt so real each has their own imperfections which makes them perfect for each other. I love the chemistry between them neither can deny the attraction but it's so much more than just a one night stand. Together they build this sweet friendship that blossoms into a beautiful love story. I just loved Destiny and Nicco's story it's filled with sweet moments and just the right balance of steamy scenes. It's the kind of story we all want the handsome Italian actor to sweep us off our feet I know I do. 

I absolutely love Debbie Cromack's style of storytelling she's created a beautiful story filled captivating characters that speak to my soul. The story just flows from start to finish it's easy to get lost and loose all track of time. If I could have I would have finished it in one session but real life kept getting in the way so I finished it in two. I loved every moment of the story it was just perfectly done and I can't wait to continue the series because each book by the author has been phenomenal. This story is perfect for fans of contemporary slow burn romance with characters that you can fall in love with like I did. One of the best books I've read all year it's just a beautiful story. 

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