Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post
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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer~ It's a chance to share new ~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. 

It's a new week. We survived week one of homeschooling. I'm not looking forward to week 2 yet or the prospect that we could be doing this for the rest of the year. I've been struggling all year to get the munchkin to do homework this is just torture for both of us. It's tough for her not to be able to see her friends but thankfully she gets to video chat with some of her friends.  

I started out the week excited for our new adventure. Lots of tea, chocolate reading and even some gaming on the list to break up the week. However, not a single page ended up getting read and I've been rationing the chocolate for fear the stores will run out. 

We had a nice day of homework with our besties. Lots of work was done as well as silliness to break up all the work we've got to do. Don't they all look so happy to be doing homework? 
 The reality of the week started to get to me so I pulled out Plague to see how long my pixel countries would take to destroy the virus. Sadly it took almost 3 years with the current symptoms of Corona Virus for it to be wiped out. Hopefully, it won't take as long in the real world. 
We also watched the first and second Zombies it was so cute lots of musical songs throughout. 

Read the last week
I haven't done any due to ARK but I have a pile of books to read on my coffee table does that count? 

Posts you may have missed 

Newly added to my shelves.
I've picked up so many this week of kindle freebies with everything going on with the quarantine situation. I can't even keep track of the books I picked up this week but so many awesome ones. 

I also received my Bookworm Box and Luv Books box this week. 

Funny for the week
I'm still an Instagram addict you should check it out lots of fun!!!
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I hope everyone has a great week. 

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  1. Oh nice! Boxes are always fun to get! I hope you enjoy your new reads and goodies!

    Hope the homeschooling goes well too! I can't imagine how tough that is. I know my sister will be doing something like that with her students online and then I think my niece will be learning the same way. It's definitely going to be interesting to hear about later on! Hope all goes well with the coming week!

    Here's my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)