Monday, March 9, 2020

Monday Playlist

I thought this might be a fun way to share what I'm currently addicted to listening to. When I was growing up I was a band nerd and developed a love of music at an early age. I wish I could sing but I can't seem to carry a tune to save my soul. Instead, I love to listen and sometimes I sing along. I always sing along in the car it's a long time habit and thankfully I've passed it on to the kids. 

This week my playlist consists of a random mix of music. 

First up is 

No Time To Die by Billie Eilis (Rock Cover by Our Last Night) 

I've actually never heard the original till I heard this cover. Our Last Night is one of my favorite bands and I love it when they do a cover. This one may be one of my favorites it's beautifully done. Of course, I listened to the original which is well done but this one just sings to my heart. 

Up Next

I Can't Hold Back by Survivor

This one is always lingering in the background as I've listened to it so many times I know the words by heart and typically it's Alexa playing it to get my morning started. This one I know by heart and listen to a few times every morning. I think the music video just screams me I mean it all starts in a record shop looking at books....totally me. 


A Thousand Miles Cover - InDirections (Original by Christina Perri) 

This one was suggested to me by Alexa while playing covers by Our Last Night. Instantly I was in love as A Thousand Miles will always be ingrained in my life since the movie White Chicks. 

Just the three this week but I think they are a great way to start the week.

What are you currently listening to? 

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