Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday!
Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke And The Brookish. Who doesn't love lists. They make life easy! And fun!! It's always a never ending topic.

This week's topic: 

Top Ten childhood characters' we'd like to revisit as adults

I've been recently thinking about some of my favorite childhood character's and thinking about re-reading a few of them. 

1. Nancy Drew is always a must because she's always been one of my faves. I've actually been re-reading off and on her novels over the years. 

2. All Christopher Pike Novels - I've been reading them since I was a kid and still remember rushing to the bookstore to pick up the new ones. I still will re-read them every now and than. I have read some of his newer books and it's impressive how much his writing has changed. 

3. Walter Farley's Black Stallion series is on of my childhood favorites that includes my love of horses. My mom hooked me on them and I read them all as a kid. I actually have them as part of a challenge to re-read them. 

This list is short because I can't think of any that I loved as much as this trio but they are a great one. 

I'm curious to see what everyone else's sharing this week. 
What are you top ten this week?

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  1. Nancy Drew is a great choice, I re- read some of the Hardy Boys last year and it was interesting. Fun to go back! And I've always had a soft spot for The Black Stallion since seeing the movie as a kid, haven't read the books though.