Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Manga Review: Dance In the Vampire Bund Vol 14

Title - Dance In The Vampire Bund Vol 14
Author - Nozomu Tamaki
Series - Volume #14
Genre - Manga Fantasy
Published - May 7th 2013
Publisher - Seven Seas
Format - Ebook
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The final volume in the #1 New York Times bestselling manga series!

Mina has finally been freed from captivity, and Akira has awakened to a new, powerful force inside him. Now, the battle to take back the Bund has begun. Mass panic over the vampire pandemic grips Tokyo, and Mina's friends are surrounded by violent mobs. Can Mina reach her friends and subjects in time in order to save them? 

Dance in The Vampire Bund is a vampire manga that I happened to catch the short series on Netflix a few years ago. The anime never had an end so I’m hoping to get one by reading the manga. Mina Tepes is the vampire ruler even though she has the body of a 9-year-old girl. Her guardians are the earth clan a pack of werewolves and she’s taken a fancy to one young shifter Akira making him her companion. The Vampire Bund has been created at last offering a safe place to all the vampires they just have to be oathed to Mina the vampire. However, someone is determined that Mina won’t lead and is attempting to have her killed. Thankfully she has Akira by her side even though I think Mina can take just about anyone. She’s also wanting to start sending the vampire children to the school where Akira was attending claiming it was built with the intention of teaching both. However, the students as well as vampires aren’t so thrilled and things run rapid.

 In the 14th and final installment in the series we find Mina and Akira have made it to safety. Mina is determined to take back the Bund and save her people, starting an all-out war against her home. With the help of the shifters, an old friend, and her connections they are able to set things right again. Saving her vampires from the public, and taking control of what is rightfully hers. Will she find out who the false queen is and who betrayed her?

I find Mina an intriguing character even though she’s an ancient vampire trapped she’s in the body of a young girl which makes her seem weaker. I have a feeling she’s a lot more than the girl she appears to be at least so I far and I’m curious to see how she evolves. Not sure how I feel about Akira I’ve got some mixed feelings about him at the moment. I see a potential love match but hopefully Mina will grow up a little physically.

I watched the anime on Netflix but it didn’t really have a ending and that was a few years ago so I’m hoping to see how it will play out. I like the art some of the detailing is well done. The concept is interesting the idea of building a vampire city for them all to live in seems to work protecting the vampires as well as the humans. Mina is an interesting character who’s quickly growing on me with each page. The story is face paced flowing smoothly along. I’m a little disappointed that it’s over because while it ended well we are left with a cliffhanger and I hate when that happens. With the spin off series I’m hoping one of them will give me the resolution that I need. Overall I very much enjoyed it. 

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