Tuesday, May 31, 2016

S&S Book Review: Unleashed: A Fangs and Fur Novella

Title - Unleashed: A Fangs and Fur Novella
Author - Sotia Lazu
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Published - November 27th 2015
Publisher - Acelette Press
Format - Kindle Freebie
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Grayon is ousted from the only life he knows, for trying to do the right thing. The Earth plane is his punishment, and both his human and wolf nature hate the smell of London and long to return to The Forest, but for now he has to accept the hospitality of the local vampire Master and the annoying undead chick that comes with it. 

Raven loves nothing more than control. Her life was all mapped out, as was her death. The only thing she hasn’t planned for is this hot piece of shifter that grates on her nerves, with his cocky grin and sculpted body. 

Vampires and shifters were enemies till recently, and some still consider this to be the case. It’s up to Grayon and Raven to decide if they will hate each other or…

Grayon did what was right but in turn it got him kicked out of his home banished to earth. Thankfully he lands on the doorstep of a vampire he’s familiar with. He’s just not the vampire that he met after coming through the door but Raven who’s guarding the portal. Raven has her own issues struggling to make her own way after everything she’s overcome. Grayon can’t deny he’s attracted to Raven but shifters don’t date vampires much less fall I love. After all he hopes to earn his way back into The Forest. However, the more time he spends with Raven the less he wants to return. When the time comes will he choose Raven or return home in through the portal.

I’ve been craving a quick shifter romance so I picked this one based on the cover and didn’t read the synopsis. So the story was a pleasant surprise a whirlwind romance between two unexpected to fall in love. I love Raven she’s not the typical vampire her reason for changing into one was is relatable and she doesn’t act like you would expect from a fledging vampire. The chemistry between the two is on fire, and they work well together. I found the characters easy to connect with they are hard to not like. This is my first book by the author but it was enjoyable a quick action packed read. I’m looking forward to checking out other books by the author. 

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