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Manga Review: Attack on Titan Vol 6

Title - Attack on Titan, Vol 6
Author - Hajime Isayama
Series - Attack on Titan #6
Genre - Manga Horror
Published - August 27th 2013
Publisher - Kodansha Comics
Format - Kindle


On the way to Eren’s home, deep in Titan territory, the Survey Corps ranks are broken by a charge led by a female Titan! But this Abnormal is different – she kills not to eat but to protect herself, and she seems to be looking for someone. Armin comes to a shocking conclusion: She’s a human in a Titan’s body, just like Eren!

Chapters List:-
23.The Female Titan
24.The Titan Forest
26.The Easy Path

I watched the first few episodes on nextflix but it’s not in English so I opted to go with the manga to check it out because the complete series exists instead of just season one. This is my first manga so I don’t really have any prior experience to base it off when it comes to the art or story. I like the art it’s not over complex when it comes to telling the story it seems to work for the gritty horror story. So far the story while is well developed it’s easy to get lost turning the pages.

The sixth installment the Survey Corps has been sent out in formation headed to Eren’s home in hopes of finding what’s in the basement at last. They ride horses which are faster than most of the titans can run expect for the few abnormal’s. However on this scouting mission instead of one abnormal they all seem to be moving faster causing the formation to break up separating Armin. It’s the female titan who is hunting for Eren that Armin encounters as she moves unlike any of the titans he’s seen prior. Seeing the female titan destroy his fellow survey corps causes his to suspect that it’s controlled by a human.

I enjoyed the sixth installment we are at last outside the safety of the wall headed to figure out the secrets hiding in the basement of Eren’s old home.  This volume is loaded with action as they fight the female in hopes of catching who’s hidden inside assuming it’s someone from inside the walls. I like way the story is twisting as we learn more about the titans. I’m dying to know why the titans have been attacking for so long and what makes a human into a titan. I actually finished this book and went right into the next one because I had to know more about the mysterious female titan. So far I’m really enjoying the way the series is going and can’t wait to finish. I have the next several already loaded on my kindle might have to finish before I can stop. So hard to put down and they are quick about 30 minutes to read. 

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