Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Book Blitz: The Edge of Something More

The Edge Of Something More
Andi Loveall
Published by: Swoon Romance
Publication date: November 10th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
After a nasty breakup, twenty-two-year-old Devin Ashford is on a mission to travel the world one random excursion at a time. He wants to forget his ex, discover new experiences and end up with some awesome stories to tell. If it takes spending all of his savings to do it, he is ready.
His first stop is a communal homestead in the Appalachians of North Carolina, which turns out to be a bohemian paradise. The weed is plentiful, the owners adore him, and the very sight of Cora, their nineteen-year-old goddaughter, makes him want to set up a permanent camp.
Cora warns that she isn’t ready for a serious relationship, but Devin is falling hard. Playful kisses turn into passionate sex, and each day is spent connecting and enjoying the mind-numbing awesomeness—until he makes the mistake of saying “I love you.” Discussing the future kills the good vibes, and Cora pushes him away.
Pissed off and rejected, Devin begins preparing for his next excursion: backpacking India. But just when it’s time to go, the death of one of the homestead’s beloved animals leaves Cora upset and in need of a friend. Devin’s kindness wins him another shot at romance.
With a plane ticket in hand and his pride on the line, Devin and Cora find themselves teetering on the edge of something more.


“Will you teach me one day?”

“How to do graffiti,” he said. “I seriously think it’s really cool. I want an expert like you to show me how to do graffiti in a public spot and not get in trouble for it. And no legal copouts either, I want the full-on experience. I want the danger. I’m talking the busiest bridge, in the busiest part of Los Angeles—”
“Or, we could drive out in the country somewhere. That would be cool too.”
“I don’t know,” she said. “What are you going to do for me?”
“I want to do a lot of things for you. If you’ll let me.”
“Maybe I will.”
“Take me tagging? Or let me do things?”
She giggled. “Both. I do still have all my spray paint in the trunk of my car.”
“When can we go?”
“I don’t know. Some time.”
“What about the other? The doing things?”
“I don’t know,” she repeated. “Some time.”
He took her by the hands, interlocking all of their fingers.
“I want you to know,” he said. “I appreciate how slowly we’re taking this.”
She laughed. “Oh really?”
“Yes. I want to take it nice and slow,” he teased, kissing her fingertips. “Don’t you?”
“Yes, actually,” she said, flushing. “I do.”
“I wouldn’t even kiss you right now if you came at me first. I would shove you off and shout of my decency.”
“I know what you’re trying to do.”
“Is it working?”
“No.” She pulled her hands away. “It’s actually making me want to tease you even more.”
“You know, for someone who didn’t want to talk about sadomasochism, you’d make a great dominatrix.”
“You might be my muse when it comes to beating and destroying people.”
“Yeah, you’re bad. I like it.”
“Do you like bad?”
“I love bad. I love bad like a normal person loves good but even more.”
“I’m not really bad.”
“I know. But if I think about the good in you, it’s a lot harder for me to take it slow.”
The good in her was just there, radiating around her like a bubble of pure sunshine. He wasn’t lying when he said he wanted to take it slow. Being teased with this perfect thing was the most delicious build of his life, and everyone could feel him feeling it.

Author Bio:
Andi Loveall grew up in the blistering heat of California’s Central Valley and has since traveled far and wide in search of adventure and romance. From the steamy streets of Bangkok to the dancing fireflies of the Appalachians, the places, people and things she has seen have convinced her of two things: Life hurts no matter where you go, and the world is a crazy-beautiful place.
A freelance writer by day and storyteller by night, Andi is on a mission to create characters that come alive in worlds she can’t quite reach. When she’s not writing, she’s usually hula hooping, dying her hair bright colors or making delicious home-cooked meals for herself and the people that she loves.
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