Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Spooky September Challenge day 1

Spooky Challenge 
Created by Parajunkee 
I'm such a Halloween fan so this looks like a fun way to lead up to it I just have to join in. 

Day 1 is 

While I like my books semi scary I don't do full on horror very often because I have this over active imagination when I sleep or the husband is gone. So today's books may not be super spooky but I  enjoyed them. 

1. Maplecroft by Cherie Priest - I admit the story starts a little slow but I found it creepy and unique. 

2 & 3. Hallowed Ones series by Laura Bickle - I read the first one while we drove from Cali to Idaho along a long empty highway it was so spooky with the already story. 

4. Pitch Green by The Brother Washburn - I read this one in one afternoon it's a quick fast paced scary story. 

5. Ella, The Slayer by A.W. Exley - Who doesn't love Cinderella and zombies. 

6. Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter - What about a little Alice and zombies?

7 & 8. The Hollows duo by Amanda Hocking - Another scary zombie duo. 

9. PODs by Michelle K. Pickett - I really enjoyed this spooky zombie book. 

10. Alison Kemper's zombie books - They have romance within the horror just love it. 

I admit my selections may not be super scary but they are spooky and I enjoyed them all. 


  1. I loved Hallowed Ones! I'll try to check out the other ones too. : )

  2. I have Maplecroft in my TBR and I hope to get to it this Fall! I really did like the Alice in Zombieland series... which I think is getting a 4th book soon.

  3. I see you a big zombie fan. Something about zombies don't scare me. lol

    1. I think the zombie thing is scarier to me only because deep down in some dark spot in the back of my mind. I see scientists accidently creating zombies. They may not be like traditional shambling zombies but some form of them I can imagine. They are also the only paranormal creature that hasn't been romanticized to death. How many girls want to make out with a zombie.

  4. I love Laura Bickle's writing, I'll have to check out that series. I love zombie books too, but they don't really scare me, more like make me cringe. :D Great list! Thanks for doing the challenge with me!

  5. I haven't read any of those but some of them look pretty good. :)

  6. Thanks for the zombie mentions. I had heard of a couple.