Thursday, September 17, 2015

Book Review: Rebel Wing

Title - Rebel Wing
Author - Tracy Banghart
Series - Rebel Wing #1
Genre - YA Dystopian
Published - July 29th 2014
Publisher - Alloy Entertainment

The Dominion of Atalanta is at war. But for eighteen-year-old Aris, the fighting is nothing more than a distant nightmare, something she watches on news vids from the safety of her idyllic seaside town. Then her boyfriend, Calix, is drafted into the Military, and the nightmare becomes a dangerous reality. 

Left behind, Aris has nothing to fill her days. Even flying her wingjet—the thing she loves most, aside from Calix—feels meaningless without him by her side. So when she’s recruited to be a pilot for an elite search-and-rescue unit, she leaps at the chance, hoping she’ll be stationed near Calix. But there’s a catch: She must disguise herself as a man named Aristos. There are no women in the Atalantan Military, and there never will be.

Aris gives up everything to find Calix: her home. Her family. Even her identity. But as the war rages on, Aris discovers she’s fighting for much more than her relationship. With each injured person she rescues and each violent battle she survives, Aris is becoming a true soldier—and the best flyer in the Atalantan Military. She’s determined to save her Dominion . . . or die trying.

This is a new release of the previously self-published title Shattered Veil.


Aris has always enjoyed flying even if it’s been just dusting the fields. Now that she’s an adult it’s time for selection day which will change her future forever. She expects to end up flying for her dad as a duster until she and Calix are ready to marry. When a strange military flyer arrives right before the selection hinting that Calix may be drafted into the military due to the growing war he also gives Aris an offer that she might not be able to refuse.  Girls can’t join the military it’s a men only but with the right connection she can use a vale to hide she’s a women and join the fight flying. When Calix is recruited to the military she has no choice but to follow him into the war he just doesn’t know it yet.

Deciding she isn’t ready to give up flying Aris joins the military under a vale as a rescue pilot. The training is intense pushing her to the limit forcing her to be strong enough to pass as a man. At least it’s worth it because she will get to fly for something that she loves. Aris passes her training joining the as a pilot but she doesn’t tell anyone who she really is but her roommate who is also a girl. As Aris spends more time in the war rescuing more people she finds herself becoming the soldier she’s pretending to be. What will happen if they learn the truth about her? What will Calix think? Will she be able to go back to the normal life?

I like Aris she was willing to take the chance risking her life for something she loves. I enjoyed watching her grow into the soldier while it may not be the path she wanted it turned out to be that path that was right. I’m not sure how I feel about Calix but I do see potential for her with another guy who may just see her for who she really is. While I’m not a fan of love triangles this one may just work out for the best.

I picked out Rebel Wing because it’s a dystopian with a female pilot because a couple of girls in my local book-club are into military theme books.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started the book because it had been a while since I read the synopsis so it was a pleasant surprise. I’m not afraid to admit I’m a last minute procrastinator when it comes to book club books it’s last minute. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to dive into Aris’s story because I very much enjoyed her adventure it’s a captivating story. The concept is unique reminding me of other dystopian novels but with its own unique spin. I’ve not read my books when the main character is in a war so I found it fascinating. I think the characters are great I found myself connecting with Aris she’s strong and determined. I enjoyed the authors writing style the book just flows it was hard to put down ended up finishing it in one day. This is my first book by the author but I hope to read the rest of the series got to see what’s going to happen with Aris and her career.

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