Thursday, September 3, 2015

Spooky Challenge Day 3

Spooky Challenge 
Created by Parajunkee 
I'm such a Halloween fan so this looks like a fun way to lead up to it I just have to join in. 

I like the idea of scary books but when it comes down to them I tend to pass them by. However I hope to change it this year. More scary books. 

Day 3 is 

Well I've heard a lot of Urban Legends over the years. We told them as girl scouts as well as hanging out when I got older. I think the most memorable maybe not the scariest would be this one.

The Dead Boyfriend. It has many variations over the years this is the one I remember the most.

I googled it and found it (here)

During the late evening hours, a young couple parks at an out-of-town or otherwise very secluded lovers' lane, to do what teen couples like to do in private. A location in a wooded area is selected so that the trees can afford the best assurance of privacy. They manage to park near a nice, big tree with grand leaves branching out overhead, making their park location seem all the more secluded and cozy.

After making out for a time, the couple realize that it is time to head home but the car won't start. The boy checks the gas gauge and notes that the indicator needle is quite decidedly toward the low end of the scale, so he determines that he will have to go for a walk and get some gas. Since his girlfriend is either too feminine and frail or too scared to accompany him, she is told to stay in the locked car until he returns with fuel.

The girlfriend waits quite some time, all the while, calculating how long it should take for her boyfriend to retrieve some gasoline at a nearby gas station they passed on their way to their make-out spot. At around the time she begins to worry, thinking that too much time has passed and that her boyfriend surely shouldn't be taking so long to return, she hears a light but strange tap-scratch-tapping sound on the roof of the car. She peers out the windows but still doesn't see her boyfriend returning, and assumes that the annoying tapping sound must be some tree branches blown to tap and scrape against the roof of the car. A lot of time has passed since her boyfriend departed and she's starting to get quite frightened that something bad has happened to him.

As her worry heightens, she spends a very fretful, fitful time in the locked car, wondering what troubles her boyfriend might have encountered to keep him from returning with gasoline within an hour or two. Finally, her exhausted nerves wear her down, along with the annoying noise of the branches playing across the rooftop, and she falls asleep for a little while. As daybreak is dawning, she starts awake, hearing footsteps approach the car, and expects it is her boyfriend, finally back with the gas! She looks up, shocked to see the local sheriff, instead. He is walking toward the car, is motioning for her to step out of the car. He also warns, very distinctly, "Get out, come with me and do not look back at the car - I repeat - do not look back at the car."

She opens the car door and allows the sheriff to lead her away from the car and toward his own, however, once she is seated in the sheriff's car, she immediately turns her head to look back...

and sees

...her boyfriend, dead, hanging upside down directly over the roof of the car, suspended from the branch of a tree. His throat is slit, blood dripping, and his fingertips just barely touch the roof of the car.
What's your favorite scary story?


  1. If you like Urban Legends, may I recommend you check out the Big Book of Urban Legends? A friend of mine gave me her copy when she moved to the US and had to drastically reduce her belongings. The book is fantastic...Each legend is narrated and illustrated like a comic book. It definitely makes the stories even more fun.
    The Husbeast loves it. In fact, we were given three of the Big Book series (we also have Death and Conspiracies), and I think he's staked his claim to them ;)

  2. I remember being so excited over the Urban Legends movies... which kind of weren't that great, but one of them did a variation of this legend!