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Review: Rainwater Kisses

Title - Rainwater Kisses

Author - Krista Lakes
Series - The Kisses Series #2
Genre - Contemporary Romance 
Published - September 17th 2013
Publisher - Zirconia Publishing, Inc
Format - Ebook


The older sister of Emma LaRue wasn't looking for love. In fact, the last thing Kaylee LaRue thought as she attended her sister's Caribbean wedding was that she would meet a man as confident as Owen Parker. The suave businessman oozed charm, and when that charm was directed at Kaylee, it gave her pause. She couldn't be sure if the man was actually interested in her or just interested in a good time.

In reality, Owen Parker had never met anyone like Kaylee LaRue. The quiet girl from Iowa made him forget to breathe the first time he saw her. When he tried to work his magic, her wit proved to be a match for his, and his charms had no effect. He knew what it looked like- she probably thought that he wanted to have a vacation tryst with her just as Jack Saunders had with Emma. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Kaylee tried hard not to yield to his advances, but their last night in the Caribbean was simply magical. After a passionate night spent in the arms of Owen, Kaylee ruefully observed that there was no fake wedding to keep the two of them together. As she flew home, she thought it'd be back to the same old life for her. She never expected Owen to show up at her door.

However, this small town girl wasn't sure she was ready to change for this city boy. When Kaylee tried to fit into Owen's world, everything came crashing down. In the blink of an eye, what seemed like a strong foundation suddenly found itself built on a pillar of sand. Would their relationship blossom like Jack and Emma's, or would the two of them forever be haunted by the memories of rainwater kisses?


Rainwater Kisses is the second book in the series and features Kaylee the sister of Emma LaRue from the first book. Kaylee doesn’t like to fly, doesn’t like to travel, enjoys her quiet life and dreams of one day having her own little bed and breakfast. Her little sister Emma has planned a wedding on the beach where her and Jack met forcing her to confront her fear of flying. Kaylee can only get a few days off from work so she plans to make the most of her trip, enjoying the beaches. What she didn’t plan on was meeting Owen who is charming and determined to get her attention. While Kaylee tries to avoid Owen’s intentions her attempts are quickly thwarted. Her few days in paradise are just that.

When she returns to her home she’s just assumes things will go back to the way they used to be. She doesn’t expect to see Owen. They both have their own lives and they don’t really mesh well together, since he’s a big city guy who’s working in Dubai for several weeks. While Owen makes every effort to see her when he can there time together is short with each of them falling in love. When Owen has to make a three week trip around the world he asks Kaylee to go with him but what should be an easy request is anything but. Kaylee must conquer her fear of flying for the man she loves. However the trip goes horribly wrong, causing Kaylee to end it all. Will Owen really accept it’s over? Will Kaylee be able to move on after losing Owen?

I really like Kaylee as a character just like I enjoyed her sister’s story. Owen is one of those good guys who’s worked hard and made something of himself. He doesn’t let the fact that he has money influence who he is. I like that he was willing to fly a little extra to spend time with Kaylee even if it was for only a few hours.  While the romance was whirlwind it was sweet also, they are perfect for each other.

I really enjoyed the first book in the series so I knew I had to continue on with the next book. Rainwater Kisses is a fast paced contemporary romance novel with great story of two people from worlds apart falling in love. The characters are easy to connect with you can’t help falling in love with them. Kaylee is just a sweetheart I wanted her to have her happy ever after right from getting to know her. I feel the author has done a fantastic job creating a captivating yet complex story that isn’t overloaded or all about the sex. I like my romance to have substance and Rainwater Kisses has exactly that. I wasn’t able to put the down having to finish it in one sitting so I would know how it would end. Another well written installment in the Kisses series. I have the rest on my kindle and hope to get to the soon. 
4 out of 5 stars 

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