Monday, May 5, 2014

30 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 4&5

30 Day Blogging Challenge

I've been a slacking in the whole blog thing for a while. I had such high hopes for this year but I feel like I've been behind on my reading goals, to many reviews, and just lost a little passion for blogging. So after searching around the internet I found the perfect challenge for me. Originally from Live Love Simple

Day 4 ~ Dream Job

I would love to work with animals. I've considered getting my falconry training, so I can work with large predatory birds. I've also been considering learning to train service dogs. I would also love to have a rescue with horses, wolfs, wolf dogs, and large predators (big cats). I would love any job that allows me to read and do something I love.

Day 5 ~ Your Proudest Moment

Hmm that's another tough one. I haven't done anything amazing yet. My bookish one would be getting my name in a physical book. That was pretty awesome. I'm really proud of my hubby every day. He's my inspiration because he's gone a lot but still makes every effort to make sure I know he loves me. He's always been amazing and I'm proud to call him mine.

Feel free to start your own challenge. Leave a link so I can check yours out. Here's to a new amazing month. 

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