Friday, May 2, 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge ~ Day 2

30 Day Blogging Challenge

I've been a slacking in the whole blog thing for a while. I had such high hopes for this year but I feel like I've been behind on my reading goals, to many reviews, and just lost a little passion for blogging. So after searching around the internet I found the perfect challenge for me. Originally from Live Love Simple

Day 2 ~ 20 Facts about you 

1. I'm book obsessed. It's the first thing I think about and last thing I think about before I fall asleep.

2. I don't start my day without a cup of coffee either half a pot or a few shots of espresso. I have both so I don't have to drive for coffee. The hubby likes to drink coffee once in a blue moon or in the winter or when he has to be to work early. 

3.I love to cook but baking is my favorite. I have a weakness for breads just this morning I'm making mini banana breads after I finish catching up.

4. I dream of one day having my own ranch with land for horses. Of course I have to wait till the hubby is out of the Air Force but once he does get it all is just a matter of finding the right place.

5. I have zillions of books on shelves and on my kindle I haven't read and have no idea when I will. The hubby says I'm running out of bookshelves but I can't find the right ones I want at the store so I keep overloading the ones I have. He says what day they will break. I hope not. 

6. I have one kitty who is a brat, one horse sized puppy and a week from getting another puppy. I'm a huge animal fan if I could I would adopt all the animals in a rescue. The hubby is scared when we buy a house I'll be a failed husky foster. He's afraid of a sled team will make him crazy. 

7. I have a habit of starting something but getting distracted and starting something else. I have a tend to take on more than I have time for in the normal day. So stuff get's put on the back burner sometimes for months.  I have sewing projects, cross stitch, painting, sketching, and long to do lists of stuff I have planned to do that never happen.

8. I love the Tv show Grimm it's my favorite of all time. I also have a love for Project Runway and Game of Thrones I can't live without these three. I also enjoy Revenge, Devious Maids, Drop Dead Diva, The Blacklist, and Survivor. Plus all cooking shows or reality cooking shows. 

9. My favorite movie is Pacific Rim. I just love everything about the story, the way that Gipsy Danger fights of course is the best part. I own it on bluray and every time it's on HBO the last few weeks I've watched it. The whole movie I find captivating. I plan to get a Gipsy Danger Tattoo one of these days.

10. I love the ocean but I won't go to deep in the water. I have a fear of sharks I know really rare that one will find me on a beach but it could happen. To scary to think about so I'll sit on the beach and go up to my knees but that's about it.

11. I've had my horse puppy Grimm since he was 5 weeks old. He's never been the affectionate cuddle dog I dreamed he would be. However he loves me following me and laying near me but not on my lap or cuddling. It drives me insane. He's laying at my feet right now instead of sitting on the sofa where I can pet him. I hope our next little girl is a cuddle bug. 

12. My hubby makes the best curry. He just doesn't like all the veggies or tofu like I do but overall it's better than most restaurants and he's italian. He googled a recipe one afternoon and gave it a shot. Now he's our official curry chef in the house. 

13. My ideal day is spent cuddled up with a blanket reading a good book. However I have two kids 12 and 4 and a needy puppy. My hubby is a sports nut so I do get lots of reading time in the evening. 

14. When anyone asks what I want for my birthdays or christmas I ask for amazon giftcards so I can buy books. Drives my hubby nuts. He doesn't understand the obsession just like I don't get his sports obsession so it all works out at my house. 

15. I have one sister 15 months younger than me. My sister drives me nuts. She's a know it all, who always has to one up me. Example I had my wisdom teeth taken out Wednesday and I wasn't hurting to bad after the surgery. Before the pain was bad and it took a month for them to get me on base for surgery. Apparently according to her my pain was nothing compared to the headache she's had for six months but hasn't been to a neurologist yet. She will argue till she's blue in the face even if she's wrong and refuses to admit that she's wrong. Ugh she makes me want to slam my head against a wall. In case you couldn't guess she doesn't read this it's to much of a inconvenience for her. 

16. I don't have a lot of real life friends anymore. I moved from Idaho to California not very far but we all sort of lost touch. I've made a few new friends in the Air Force wives but they all keep moving across the country.

17. I'm super shy when it comes to meeting people. If not for my big puppy I may not have met anyone. I do love living in my book world though. I've made lots of friends in the book community but haven't found that partner in crime who shares my same loves yet. Still looking for my bookish BFF. 

18. I have a weakness for chocolate so I find myself buying lot of it than never eating it. I have two bags of Coconut Doves the little ones that have been sitting on the counter for weeks I still haven't opened yet. You should see our soda fridge it's still full of halloween candy. The kids are working on eating it all slowly as is the hubby.

19. I started a base book club in hopes of finding more bookish friends. We have our first meeting next friday. I'm making a list of fun books I hope they might find interesting to pick. 

20.  I have a 3 kindle keyboards. I got one it broke, ordered another found it was under warranty so they replaced it. The hubby had a keyboard but when I won a paperwhite he took the paperwhite. I also had a kindle fire HD but my toddler claimed it. So now I have the kindle fire HDX. I use they keyboards for most of my reading and the hdx for night and PDFS. I never leave the house without at least one of the them, and sometimes a keyboard and fire hdx. 

Feel free to start your own challenge. Leave a link so I can check yours out. Here's to a new amazing month. 

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  1. I have to say it makes me so happy to find someone else who still watches Survivor! People think it is crazy that I still watch it.

    As a Canadian, I have no idea what Coconut Doves are but they sound like something I need in my life.

    Can't wait to see you post pictures of your ranch one day! My Aunt lives on a ranch with 22 horses. It is one of my favourite places in the world.