Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Jackal Moon

Title - Jackal Moon
Author - Jeanette Battista
Series - Moon #2 
Genre - Young Adult Paranormal
Publication - April 13th 2012
Format - Kindle ebook


Laila has been pledged to serve the jackal god, Anubis, since she was a child. She wants nothing more than to follow in the footsteps of her father and brother and become a member of the Keepers of Divine Order. When her initiation into the Keepers leads her to Miami and pits her against the wereleopard Sekhmet, Laila is cast into a sea of clan intrigue and bitter rivalries. The stakes grow even higher once the rival pack of werehyenas, led by the beautiful and bloodthirsty Samara, decides to lay claim to the wereleopard’s territory. With the arrival of Kess, the true wereleopard clan leader, and her retinue of werewolves, violence threatens to erupt. Will Laila’s training and skills be enough to save the young werejackal and everything she’s worked for? The scales are ready and Anubis awaits...


Jackal Moon takes off not long after Leopard Moon however we are introduced to Laila a werejackal who is training to become a member of the Keepers of Divine Order. Her father has retired from the Keepers but her older brother is currently working with them. She’s almost ready to join the Keepers when her brother comes to town and takes her with him off to Miami. The way the Keepers of Divine Order work is they are kind of like cleaners. If someone needs to be disposed in the shape shifter community those who know how to contact them will make a offering and a request. After everything that happened in Leopard Moon Kess’s brother Sek isn’t in the best of shape even though he’s healed.

When Laila and her brother are sent to pay Sek a visit it’s her brother who sends her in to kill Sek and take his heart. However instead of fleeing like she expected her brother has her hang around and it’s not till she meets Sek’s sister Kess and her two werewolves companion’s do things start to click together. Laila also meet’s the werehyena’s leader who is dying to get her hands on the city of Miami and with Sek’s death she sees her chance. Kess needs to figure out who killed her brother she has her suspects, thankfully she’s not alone her boyfriend Cormac is with her as well as his cousin Finn. Together the trio will learn who the werejackal’s are as well as find more than they bargained for with Samara the werehyena.

I was super excited to read more of Kess’s story however even though it starts after Leopard moon the book centers around a few new characters. We only had a taste of who Finn was in the first book so Jackal Moon gave us a new insight his personality. Plus we had the added new characters of Laila and Samara which each have their own stories to tell which captivate the imagination. I knew right off the bat I didn’t like Samara I mean her story makes sense but it’s hard not to dislike her. I wasn’t sure at first how I felt about Laila, I spent the first half of the book on the fence I wanted to love her as much as I did Kess but she for me was hard to relate too. However as the book progressed and we had some interaction between Laila and Finn I started to like her more. I think Jackal Moon is a great addition to the Moon series. The book flows along smoothly from character as the mystery unfolds. I really enjoyed Jackal Moon and look forward to starting the next book in the series. 

5 out of 5 Stars

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