Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: Hyena Moon

Title - Hyena Moon
Author - Jeanette Battista
Series - Moon #3
Genre - Young Adult Paranormal
Publication - May 22nd 2012
Format - Physical Copy from Author


Miami is still in the hands of the wereleopard clan. Sekhmet's assassination has been dealt with, and Samara's attempt to take over the city has been stopped for now. But things aren't simple for Kess, especially now that she has Samara's son, Rafe, to deal with. While others see only a spy, Kess is determined to help the damaged young man abandoned by his mother.

Rafe is torn: his mother left him in the hands of the wereleopards, presumably to die, but Kess has treated him more like a guest than a prisoner. But Rafe still feels a sense of loyalty to his werehyena pack, and he's uniquely placed to gather information that his mother will need if she ever hopes to take Miami. Things grow even more complicated for the young werehyena when Cormac's non-were sister comes to town for a visit. Rafe finds himself fascinated by the girl, finding more and more reasons to question his loyalty to his pack.

Rafe knows his mother isn't done with Miami or Kess. In the final bloody conflict between wereleopard and hyena, which side will he choose?


The third book in the Moon Series. This book is written from Rafe’s point of view for most of it. He’s spent his life being abused by his sister and his mother she tends to take her anger out on him. When his mother takes him with her to a meeting in Miami hoping to push Kess into giving her control of the city she’s forced to choose between her kids. She ends up taking his sister with her leaving her son Rafe in Kess’s care to do as she likes. Living with Kess isn’t like living with his mother, she’s kind she let’s have the run of the house, all he can eat and even takes him shopping.
When Cormac’s sister shows up unexpectedly she’s drawn to Rafe almost from the start. As a non-were and the fact that he doesn’t trust Rafe she’s instructed to never go anywhere alone.  Of course as teenagers they push the limit, falling deeper in love but Rafe hasn’t ever fit in, now he’s been giving a second chance. Deep down he wonders if his mother left him with Kess to spy and when fate steps in he’s whisked away with his sister back to his mother. Rafe wants to believe that his mother didn’t leave him with Kess to die, that she knew what she was doing. Upon seeing his return she makes him feel welcome but the next morning he learns that his sister kidnapped Lenore and they think Rafe caused it. Will Rafe be able to earn their trust and save Lenore?
I really love the way the stories all mingle together, since I grew attached to prior characters in the series. I love the shape shifting concept for the series it’s one of my favorite. I think the best way to describe the series is we have Kess’s story but as the series progresses we get different characters we connect with hearing their own unique story. Each story tends to have a love story mixed throughout which is one of my favorite parts I love clean romance filled with mystery. As with the whole series they have captivated my attention right from the start, causing me to lose all track of time. The characters have grown so much from the prior books, I find Kess to have grown the most from the once scared little leopard. I find that the Moon series is very well written flowing along smoothly from start to finish.  I look forward to reading the fourth book.

5 out of 5 Stars 

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