Friday, January 11, 2013

Diary Entry

Diary Update

Did my first Feature & Follow this morning. I kept saying I would start doing it but kept forgetting. The question this week is a great one. As I've been following and commenting all morning on everyone's post so far I'm only at 33 but I'll get them all today or tomorrow. I found so many new to me supernatural creatures I can't wait to read about. I enjoy checking out all the new blogs. So I plan to do it every week. 

Still currently reading Five by Christie Rich. I'm only 25% in but I'm going to make the effort to finish today. No teaser today. I have lots of reading and posts to comment on. I will leave you with the Synopsis though. 


Rayla Tate’s life is about to turn vertical…again. As if it wasn’t bad enough her mother disappeared under questionable circumstances leaving Rayla to be raised by her aunt in a horrendously small town. Her overprotective guardian is determined to ruin Rayla’s life. She refuses to let Rayla out of her sight or out of the state. Provincial living might be what her aunt demands of her purposely sheltered niece; but, Rayla has other ideas. In a desperate attempt to follow her dreams she flees the safety of her home and runs away to college with her best friend toward a bright future in the art world. 

However, excitement over her newfound freedom turns into terror when she is chased by a mysterious stranger on her way to school. When his motorcycle suddenly morphs into a fire-breathing pegasus, Rayla questions her sanity. Worse, the man riding next to her stirs a burning desire in her soul she has never known or could have ever imagined. Using all the will she owns, she manages to resist the compulsion she feels; yet, as he disappears into the night, she is certain he hasn't gone far.
Rayla quickly dismisses the encounter to her overactive imagination. She is determined to settle into her new life, yet the images and feelings of that night still haunt her. To make matters worse, her aunt seems to be in on the act, insisting that Rayla will soon be hunted by a pack of fae lords for a power over the elements she never knew she possessed—a power that could change the world. Quicker than she ever thought possible, she finds herself surrounded by stunning men that all seem determined to win her heart. Why does she feel drawn to each one of them? More importantly, what dark power do they hold over her? Rayla must quickly learn to fend off these beautiful and seductive pursuers using whatever means necessary or find herself lost to the fae world forever. 

A little about me:

I like Coffee while I blog. I have a 12 cup coffee pot as well as a espresso maker which I use depending on the day. I have to always have my eye on my coffee too because if not my sneaky little black and white cat (Cash) will stick his paw or face in my cup. He likes the foam on my latte's the most I think. 
Cash guarding my TBR pile in this picture.
 He's loves water too, I find it splashed all over the floor and he's typically soaking wet. He's the alpha cat in our house, my other cat is grey and white (Smokey) and sleeping so I didn't want to wake him. He's so timid even though they are raised together. Cash also doesn't like my hubby sleeping in bed. Since he's Airforce he's gone a lot as a flyer so Cash sleeps in his spot. When he's home Cash will pout for days. I wonder how he will do when we move on base and get a big malamute hehe. 

I guess that's a enough for now. Off to finish Five, and see what the three year is up. 

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