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Blog Tour/Review: Evie's Knight


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A steamy, yet clean Romance Novel. 
When Evie falls in love with Calvin Knight, their young, virtuous romance conjures a truly wicked spell. 

Evie always thought her eighteenth year would be magical, but so far it's not what she hoped for. Her best friend has gone wild, her love life is void, and she misses her mom more than ever. But life for Evie is about to change. Calvin Knight, the object of her fascination, is about to fall madly in love with her. Just one problem: Their love conjures a murderous woman from beyond the grave who wants Evie dead. The same demon who has haunted the Knight men for over four generations. Soon Calvin is forced to make a choice: Set Evie free and hope to evade the wrath of The Raven- haired Ghost, or use his newly gifted strengths to fight against her. If he chooses to fight and wins, Calvin will free the Knight men of this demonic witch. If he loses, Evie will become her next victim.


I received Evie’s Knight in return for an honest review as part of the tour hosted by Prism Book Tours. Evie is finally done with high school she’s moved on to college where she’s taking art classes and hoping to enjoy her life. Her best friend Kelly has decided to move out and live in a caste with a zillion other roommates and getting a job so that between school, work and parties she won’t have time for Evie. Which makes her sad but she’s not into the kind of parties that Kelly has been going to. Thankfully Evie has a love interest that she happens to share an art class with. The Handsome Calvin Knight, who she’s been crushing on but just hasn’t gotten to know.

When Calvin suddenly wants to spend time with her, showing an interest in her art Evie is head over heels. They each have their own stories as to the loss of their mothers, be it deceased or just abandonment. Things change as Calvin starts to fall in love with Evie, an ancient evil that has haunted the men in his family for generations has her heart set on destroying Calvin’s relationship with Evie. A long time ago Calvin’s great-great grandfather rejected Jocelyn’s desire to join her in the underworld. She vowed to ruin every chance at love that he and future generations had, she also intends to claim one of his descendants as her own and has her eyes set on Calvin. With the help of a new friend, his brother and some special powers Calvin may have what it takes to save Evie.

I found Evie’s Knight to be a perfect mix of romance and fantasy. I found the concept for the storyline intriguing it drew me in right from the start and I had a hard time putting it down over the couple of days it took me. I found the story well written it flows smoothly throughout the whole book. It’s one I can see teenagers as well as adults enjoying because even though it’s a romance it’s a clean one. Throughout the book we are given perspectives from both Evie and Calvin which I think is great because I was able to connect to both characters. I think Calvin is perfect for Evie though him she’s be able to move pass the obsession of her mother not coming back, plus when her best friend moved on she needed someone strong to be there for her. I enjoyed the fantasy aspects also, they keep the story fresh and exciting it’s very enjoyable. I look forward to seeing what else Kimberly Krey comes up with because for me this one was perfect it’s exactly what I want in a book.  

5 out of 5 stars

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Two original works of art of the Raven-haired Ghost:

from Anna

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Kimberly Krey, the awesome author:

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  1. Thank you for that wonderful review; I loved it! Thanks also for being a part of the tour; your blog is simply beautiful, and I'm thrilled Evie's Knight was a part of it today! Good luck to all of you entering the contest; be sure to catch the freebie ebook starting tomorrow.

  2. This new adult sounds good, and I like the new revamped cover. Thank you for sharing it with us!