Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Promo: Hope and Lies

Hope and Lies: The Abredea Series 
by C.H. Lyn 
Published April 1st 2023
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A secret rebellion rages.

Generations ago a plague ravaged the world. Grey-Stars rose from the ruins, formed the country of Pangaea, and created a society of peace and order. The caste system maintains this peace, and the Grey-Stars maintain the castes.

Now, the lower castes fight against their subjugation. A small portion of the population begins to discover rare abilities, supernatural powers that aid in the battle for equality and justice, but the Grey-Stars won’t let go of their supremacy without a fight.

A Grey-Star turns traitor, serving as a rebel captain and using her alter ability to get revenge against her own people for the atrocities they’ve committed. Despite her skill as a soldier and her power as an alter, desperation grows. What will it take to turn the tide? Her efforts never seem like enough, and war demands sacrifice.

A young woman goes through the Coding and is plunged to the lowest caste of society. While navigating a world entirely new to her, she discovers the reality of Pangaea is not what she was taught. Finding a family, and finding herself, she realizes just how far she will go to keep her new friends safe.

A runaway is cursed by his own gift. Drowning in a sea of emotion. When hope is lost, can he be the leader his brother always thought he was... or will he succumb to his grief and lose his way?

Authors favorite quote: 

Within her, at the core of her being, her power flitted and flickered. It spun slow and small, a tiny orb of drained ability.

This wasn’t right.

This wasn’t right. Or fair. Or…

The world isn’t fair, Maybelle. That’s why we’re here. To sow order in the chaos. Peace in the castes.

Who had said that? Her mother? A teacher somewhere along the way? A Grey-Star.

Heat flared in her belly. A Grey-Star who thought they had the right to control others. Thought they alone could bring balance to the world.

But it wasn’t balanced.

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