Thursday, April 27, 2023

Book Review: Hades' Shadow

Title -
Hades' Shadow
Author - Ember-Raine Winters 
Series - Halfling Academy #2
Genre - Urban Fantasy 
Format -  Kindle Review Copy
Published - April 20th 2023
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Welcome to Halfling Academy where the Greek Gods are real and danger lurks behind every corner.

The gods are weakening, and Hades is no exception. The gates to the underworld are open, and Beth and her friends are thrown into a quest to stop demons from feasting on humans.

Few of the living have ever made it back from the Underworld alive, and even fewer have taken on what Beth and her friends must face: an evil that even the gods themselves fear.

Beth and Jayden must traipse across the Underworld to find Hades' helm and stop an even bigger threat from destroying the world.

Fans of Zodiac Academy and Half-blood Academy will love this fast-paced Urban Fantasy academy romance.


I received Hades’ Shadow in return for an honest review from the author. 

Hades’ Shadow is the 2nd installment in the Halfling Academy series. The gods are still at war with an unknown forcing them to hunt their items of power to return so they can be returned. In this installment they are hunting for Hades helm of power which has been taken by someone he trusted but still remains in the underworld. 

As the underworld slowly falls apart the demons are appearing causing destruction in the human world. Together with the help of Adrian son of Apollo they set off across the underworld on a quest for the helmet. Finding unlikely friends among some of the most dangerous of the underworld. Fighting monsters that aren’t even part of Greek mythology.  

I love the characters they each bring something to the group. Adrian was a perfect companion to add to the crew. I admit I have moments when I want to strange Jayden but it’s only because he’s so hot and cold when it comes to Beth. I’m sure he will be able to figure his stuff out by the end of the series. 

I loved this installment it was fast paced action packed and even had a little steamy mixed in. The story is beautifully written it captures the heart as well as the imagination. I found it hard to put down because I wanted to know what would happen next to Beth and her friends. I can’t wait to see which item of power they will be hunting for next. 

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