Thursday, April 20, 2023

Book Review: Dirty Truths

Title - Dirty Truths
Author - Tate James, Jaymin Eve
Series - Boys of Bellerose #2
Genre - Mafia Romance 
Format - KU 
Published - February 7th 2023  
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You know that saying, things can’t possibly get worse? They always can.

I thought I’d reached a whole new low the day I ran from Bellerose. The day I was snatched by mafia goons, beaten half to death, and left wishing they’d finish the job.

But then an Angel saved me.

His kind of salvation wasn’t the freedom I’d been hoping for, though. Two months later I’m his prisoner in the gilded cage of his home. His pregnant mistress.

Angelo Ricci--my Angel--holds my life in his hands. He’s both protecting me, and condemning me, and if his father ever discovers our secret deal then death will be a blessing.

I’m tired, and scared, and don’t know who I can trust. All I know is that I miss the boys of Bellerose. Grayson and Rhett still hold parts of my heart, even if I could happily kick Jace in the nu… face. And Flo? She’s dead to me.

Like, dead dead.

Fate takes a turn in my favor when Bellerose gets a new owner, and an unexpected opportunity to reconnect with the band is forced on me. Getting locked in a secluded farmhouse with the guys who think I left them for my abusive ex sounds like a recipe for bloodshed, but I don’t get a choice in the matter.

Except, this time I’m not going alone. Angelo is tagging along, and seems determined to cause drama. Somehow we all need to make it out alive, but that should be easy enough, right? After all, I’m Billie Bellerose.

Dirty Truths is book TWO of FOUR in the Boys Of Bellerose series. This is a mafia/rockstar reverse harem romance series with dark elements and gripping cliffhangers throughout. Content is intended for a mature audience. Please consult the warning at the front of the book if you have any content sensitivity.


Dirty Truth starts off just after Poison Rose ended. Billie is living with Angelo, the boys are struggling to survive with her gone. Gray is sure she’s being held as a prisoner, Jace things she left like she always done, and Rhett thinks she went running back to her abusive boyfriend. When fate brings them all together they will be tested as the truth starts to come out things unravel. 

I love Billie she’s not perfect but she’s real and feels very authentic as a character. I loved Rhett and Gray right off the bat both guys know they found someone special who needs them as much as they her. Jace I get it he has issues but I keep hoping he figure it out before it’s too late. As for Angelo the more we learn about him the more I like him.

This is one emotional action packed steamy ride. I just loved every moment of it as it was impossible to put down. I actually finished it in one afternoon, and already have the third one ready to go next. I can’t wait to see how it plays out. I have some pretty big expectations and hope that they all work out. Love this series even if it does cliffhanger and leave me all in my feels. 

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