Friday, April 14, 2023

Cover Reveal: The Echoist



If we knew what lies in the truth of our dreams, how much pain would be brought to life?


Tatum Campbell has never been afraid of the monsters lurking in the dark. They’re supposed to be the fictitious ones after all. From a far too young age she faced the harsh reality that true monsters live amongst us. Hers just happened to call himself her father.


In an effort to heal from her past, Tatum seeks help through a therapist, where she begins to discover that perhaps her monster didn’t stay in the past after all.


Her dreams have become better than her reality as she yearns for a relationship where she feels safe. Her behavior towards her husband is changing as much as he has and she finds herself in a spiral she never even imagined while fighting the echoes of her demons.


Addison Foster, her best friend, is determined to make sure Tatum never fights alone. But by the time the secrets lying dormant in her subconscious are revealed, will Tatum be the only one hoping to survive?  

Author: @elizaanneauthor

Tour Co: @boundbymischief

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