Monday, June 3, 2019

Animation Monday's

A new weekly I thought would be fun to do. I've done a manga post in the past from a blogger who is no longer blogging. 
I've had a little bit of a reading funk and figured this would be a fun way to spark my love again. 

So this is what I'm currently working on this week....

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord on Hulu 
My current Manga is 
Shy high school student Riko Izawa aches for a boyfriend but guys just won't look her way. Then one day she signs up for a three-day trial of a mysterious "lover figurine," and the next thing she knows, a cute naked guy is delivered to her doorstep--and he wants to be her boyfriend!
Has Riko died and gone to heaven? The cute naked guy turns out to be smart, super nice, stylish and a gourmet chef. Plus, he looks like a million bucks.... Trouble is, that's about what he's going to cost Riko because she didn't return him in time!

What are you currently reading or watching? 

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