Monday, June 10, 2019

Book Review: The Raven Four

Title - The Raven Four
Author - Jessica Sorensen
Series - 1st in The Raven Four 
Genre - Dark, Reverse Harem, Young Adult
Format - Kindle 
Pages - 180
Published - March 5th, 2019
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 They call them The Raven Three. They’re the most powerful and dangerous guys in town. Everyone respects them. Everyone fears them. No one ever challenges them until me. 

But I have nothing to lose and nothing to fear but myself. So they give me a choice. Learn to fear them, or they’ll make sure I do. 

But they weren’t expecting me to be so stubborn. And after a dangerous challenge, The Raven Three become The Raven Four. 

There are rules that everyone has to obey, the most important one being we all have to stay friends. 

But none of us have ever been good at following rules. 

**Recommended for mature readers due to language and sexual content.**

Opening line

A lot of people say my name has a magical sound to it. I guess it does. 

Raven has moved to a new town but she doesn’t expect anything to change. She still has her awful aunt and uncle to deal with and spoiled cousin who is determined to make her life hell. She doesn’t expect to make any new friends at school because her cousin in the past has ruined any chances. Raven has gotten used to being alone after what she did she feels it’s all she deserves. However, this year doesn’t seem to go as planned as she draws attention from not one boy but a trio. 

Raven has learned to be stubborn and when push comes to shove she doesn’t back down. So when she encounters the Raven three who are the scariest guys in school may be the whole town she doesn’t let them push her. When they kidnap her and threaten her in the woods she does what she has to but now they aren’t the Raven three anymore but they are the Raven four. They all have secrets but some are darker than others. 

I picked this one up as a kindle freebie a while back instantly curious based on the synopsis but didn’t happen to get around to it just yet. I picked it up and found it hard to put down. Instantly I loved Raven she’s had such rough life things are awful she doesn’t remember her past but she suspects the worst that she’s been told. I’m dying to know what really happened that she’s forgotten.

The Raven Four is a fast-paced hard to put down a dark young adult. I ended up having a hard time putting it down and finished it only to start the next one because I had to know what’s going to happen. I’ve read several books by the author but this series might be my favorite as I just love Raven and the guys so much. I clearly have my favorite but maybe it’s because they are all so broken. Highly recommend checking it out. 

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  1. I don't read a lot of YA especially high school but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now I'm curious to hear what happened to her too.

    Anne - Books of My Heart