Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Book Review: The Raven Oath

Title - The Raven Oath
Author - Jessica Sorensen
Series - 2nd in The Raven Four 
Genre - Dark, Reverse Harem, Young Adult
Format - Kindle 
Pages - 212
Published - April 19th 2019
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My name is Raven and my new life in Honeyton is becoming complicated. 

It all starts when I see my uncle doing some sketchy stuff in the middle of the night that leads me to believe there might be more of a reason to why we moved here. I also think there might be more to The Raven Three then they're letting on, like maybe we’ve met before. 

And thing's only get more complicated when Hunter kisses me. I'm just not sure why he did it.

I almost feel like I’m playing a game. But I can’t figure out who the players are or what the point of the game is.

The Raven Oath is book two in The Falling series. This is a coming of age mystery romance serial series.** 

Opening line

"You got that right swing down, right?" my dad asked as we cruised down the road in his old Camaro, music blasting from his iPod shuffle his " old man music," as my mom calls it, playing from some speaker sitting on the back seat.


The Raven Oath is the 2nd installment of The Raven Four taking place right after the end of the first book. The boys have shown up to pick Raven up the next day for school sweeping her away in front of her cousin as she's now one of the Raven four. However, instead of driving to school they head to a diner that they own. Getting Raven to take the oath and agree to the task is the agenda for the morning. 

This second book was a quick paced read I finished in just a few short hours it was hard to put down I wanted to know how things were going to go with the Raven and the boys. I wanted to learn more about the dreams they are all having as well as more about the boys. The more we get to know the boys the more I like them but Jax is still my least favorite of the trio. 

I instantly started the second book after finishing the first one because I wanted to know more about Raven and the boys. I love Raven and all the guys are broken with their own coping mechanisms and I hope that they will figure out a better set of options. Maybe they all just need each other to fix the broken in them. My only complaint was that it wasn't enough I need more. I can't wait for the next installment hopefully I won't have to wait to long.  

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